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November 13, 2006



yummy stuff e! i'm off to check out the list and prices! cheers, rach

Susan D.

awesome goodies!! loving the scarves and THAT ORANGE necklace...


oew youve got some yummy stuff!!


the stuff i bought from you has sooo been worn to death. the beaded thongs are my favourite shoes in my wardrobe.

nicole   irvin

Emily I have this amazing friend called ella risebrow goggle her she IS THE fairy lady she lives and breathes fairys I have them all over my house cause my daughter has a special fairy called angela I love that whole fairy thing and think its so sweet to indulge your kids fantasys Ella has made fairys to resemble all 4 of my kids the most special thing I could ever have!!!!!!! She lives in byron bay But check out the website!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Ive been stalking this blog for ages I did send you an email but possibley you thought I was a weirdo I didnt know you were suppoused to leave comments here sorry!!!!!!!!

nicole   irvin

oops sorry for all the spelling mistakes clearly I should be banned from writing late at night!!!!!


what great finds.. too bad I have no fashion sense.. I leave that up to my daughter ( age 2 ) haha

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