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November 12, 2006


sarah green

Looks like you had a great time, I love camping especially over christmas time and our summer....mind you I admit to not being a totally outdoors girl...prefer camping in a camping ground and a hot shower! LOL

Lene S

I can almost feel the tranquillity all the way here:o) Looks so relaxing, so cosy! And your little Ivy is so cute, she┬┤s almost like a little fairie herself ;o)


oh that looks pure bliss.

Danielle Nilsson

That place looks beautiful!!!! Too cute that Ivy was looking for little fairies :D


What a great blog you have! I have got to go camping soon before I go completely crazy for it - it's been over 3 years now! Let us know the good spots. :)

Kelly McCaleb

ooooooohh, jealous. it's too cold here now.


well done mick, dragging em out! i might need to drag jase out too.. :o)

carie Frabotta

Did you build fairy houses?! My little one is hooked on them. Check out Amazon.com for a dvd titled "Kristen's Fairy Houses" it's about a little girl that builds fairy houses with her aunt. There is also a picture book you can buy. It opened up so much creativity in my little fairy!

Anna-Marie Still

Sounds like heaven to me! Sadly, here in New England we don't have many options like that! Mostly just crowded Campgrounds. Hope I don't offend RVers, but rows of RV's parked like sardines in a can just isn't camping to me! Last year we camped in a Yurt in NH at a more rustic campground - so much fun but it got REALLY cold at night! We'll have to wait until late spring or summer to go again - Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your photos! Glad you had some quality time with your family!


how fun!!

i think i like camping- its been a while, but i am pretty sure i enjoy being away from the city life!


Wow that sounds wonderful!!So COOL that she believes in Fairies!


green with envy, looks like a wonderful and chillin time was had

Steph (Khya)

I soooo agree, camping is good for the soul! So people hate camping, I love it! Haven't been for teh last 10 years, but I have such good memories of fun weekends out camping in Africa! You look like you had fun!


you guys are so great about fam time and getting away- back to your comfort zone. that's so cool

and the pix of you and ivey is pretty fab


Oh you have one who sees fairies too huh... so does my Cierra and of course she is a princess too.. I love your camping shots.. I love what a close family you have and how the love you have for them pours from your every word and picture..

Jen Smith

Isn't that the best. Camping with family. We live in Idaho and go several times a year and we just love it.
Also...thanks for the idea about printing off cheap photos. I have an almost 4 year old daughter that LOVES to do crafts and this would be perfect for her. And what an awesome thing to have when she grows up. A scrapbook she made all by herself. Precious.


I LOVE that you take Ivy the places you do! My mom was great about that, too. That's probably why I still love to camp. Now is the perfect time for it in FL.. NO SKEETERS!!


oh i wanna go there n' catch fairies too!!

kirsty x

well tell Ivy I can see the fairies too. Cute little creatures, huh?
Its too darn cold in the Uk right now to even contemplate siting by a fire let alone camping out. brrrrrrrrrrrr


i'm a total camper too. and love what it gives our family.

fire fairies...that is so sweet.

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