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November 10, 2006



so precious!!

Judy in Carefree

Scrapbookers and crafters can't create where it is neat. If I don't clean up some of my work table today I will only have about 4 square inches in which to work. Ivy is not only adorable but creative too!


I SO wish I would have discovered srapbooking when my daughter was real young so I could have instilled the love of it in her. She's almost 20 and right now has no interest in scrapbooking. Funny thing is I STILL invite her to join me whenever I go to a crop or event. I'm optimistic that one day, she'll figure out that I'm mostly just looking for an excuse to hang out with her! WONDERFUL pix of you and your daughter! Wishing you happiness. :-)


........creative mess - I love it....think of my studio Em !!! Love that Ivy has graduated to the big girl bench now - so cute & scrapping is so much more fun with a friend to share with !!


I agree-it looks like an Elsie page. That is just too darn cute, that she is right at your table.

jill scripps

love it. so dang cute.

Regina Ponce

Very cute..do not worry I work in a mess too..! My husband just looks at my mess in my scrapbook room and just smiles..thanks goodness!! hehe...


Oh how cute do you too look!!!


dang... she is chip off the ole block. that page is awesome! miss u my love!


awwwwww sweet,looks like she is really good for her age!!Love to see more pictures of your workspace :D


your work space is about as organized as mine...hehehe!
so fun to see you and ivy at work!


This picture of you and Ivy is so sweet.
Love the way you are working oposite eachother.
I do with my girls as well.
When I scrap I sit in my livingroom.
Yes I have a small room for my scrapbookstash, but I dont't like to sit there....When i scrap in my livingroom I get the opportunity to see my family as well.....lol
And all the stuf around....don't worry about that. We call it creative chaos..... ;-)

Have a nice day!


How cute is seeing you both scrapping together !!! Sure you've spent a great time in "this CREATIVE mess" ;o))


I think it looks like loads of fun.. and mess is good a good way to be creative and Free... and of Course your daughter is adorable and wants to be like you.. Looks like she is already doing fantastic work.

Have a great weekend

Kelly McCaleb

that's about the cutest thing i've ever seen :)


lovin that ivy's joining you in being creative... give her some sparkles to work with! every little girls dream, every mom's nightmare! :)

ps... i'm beyond lovin your dreads. so envious.


What a precious pic of you & Ivy. Treasure each moment, they grow so fast. Enjoy creating together :)


Fatima (RAHS in MA)


such a cute little buddy! What great memories she will have! xoxo

PROLIX from la Normandie

She's so Unique!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

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