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November 26, 2006


Bek~Aussie Chick~

I would like to blame my hormones... but I am actually just ONE BIG SAP HEAD!
These photos made me teary!
Teary Gorgeous... thats a title on so many of my layouts.
Clever you for Pavlova. My guys fave!
You can win many a heart with Pav!


Gorgeous, Gorgeous! Tara IS amazing!

So I had to go to "Urban Dictionary" to look up what BFF means (I'm sooo internet lingo deficient) and it says it means:

"Like, best friends for EVER"

Like totally, awesome. BFF! Ha Ha Ha!


Wow theyre really beautiful,i can imagine you are really happy with them!!


Oh Em these photos are just divine.


i am so


(in a *good* way!)

so what'd ya think of the american turkey sides?? my aussie friends kept asking about the sweet potatoes casserole and the green bean casserole- but they were a hit!! and so was the stuffing!! ;)


I dont know how you are going to decide. I couldn't pick a fav and it's not even my family. They are all three gorgeous.


so amazing to see your little family growing and blooming in "the States"...Those photos are PERFECT! I definaltely couldn't pick just one...you and Tara are so lucky to have each other...what a cool world this scrapbooking one can be... a funky aussie chick and happening photography type gal... BFF... that's way cool! Happy Holidays Em...


What gorgeous photos. Your little one is sooo beautiful - that pic of her captures her magic perfectly.


So many beautyful pictures. Just love them all. YOu must be the luckiest person to know this talented lady. ;)
Have a nice week, Emily.

nancy in ks

well, i just have one thing to say.

Tara is brilliant.

and the other one thing is, Ivy is gorgeous.

and the other one thing is, what is pavlova?

(...anybody- jump in here and tell me.)


the pics are awesome, but they would be nothing without your lovely family. hope you enjoyed all the american food this holiday!!


awwwwww love you girl.
ya big dork. :)


those are some scrummy shots!! don't you look lovely in that funky dress!


beautiful family you have there!!! yes tara is TRULY GIFTED there is no other way to say it...she just has such an amazing eye for that stuff!! lucky you! lucky her:)


You guys look fabulous...... as do the Whitney's!! Tena

Shawnna / flipflopmom

what great pics -- too bad tara isn't MY bff ;)

Erin D

Oh Emily, the pictures are gorgeous!! It's not all in the golden camera silly girl...you are just a beautiful family!!
Hope you enjoyed all the yummy American Thanksgiving favorites Ü


Em.. LOVE The Pics.. Tara did an awesome job capturing your family and the love you have for each other.. I adore the one of IVY.. its breathtaking..and you did an awesome job yourself. you may think you only pushed the button but you do lovely photographic work yourself.. I have seen your stuff girl.. Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving.. I am so glad


gorgeous phtoos emily hun, i love the 3rd one

Lene S

Oh I would looove to have Tara taking our family photo someday... Yours came out so beautiful! She sure is one talented lady..(I visit her blog from time to time) I love Ivys eyes on the first photo, and the one with her standing between you two is just COOL.


I love it that you dont iron clothes!!! Mick is lookin' all scrumpled....love it! A pav goes down great at any American party hey!!!!!


spectacular pix...just when I thought there wasn't a more photgenic family than the Whitneys, you upstaged her!


I found your blog from Tara Whitney's, which I read every once in awhile. Your pictures did turn out great but I really had to comment on the Vegemite post. My dad's best friend is from New Zealand and has kept him supplied with Vegemite for awhile. Just this week he was lamenting the fact that his jar, the one he's had forever, is almost empty. I never thought of ordering it online. I may have to get a jar for a Christmas surprise! Hope your's arrives soon! :)


lurv the b & w shot, u guys are like the spunkiest family eva! sweet potato with marshmallows, think u better get us the recipe... sounds like a 'Just gotta try it!'


Hot T has done it again!...and you know...even tho she is photo genius...she has pretty good subjects to work with for your family pics!!!...

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