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November 24, 2006


PROLIX from la Normandie

She's so mignonne!
How lucky you are to be a mother!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Man.. I really wish I scrapped.. Your stuff is so awesome so fun so creative.. love looking at it..


this is a great LO Emily!


my husband and I tell each other "I love you ALL much" (rather than "so" much or "this" much) ...

nicole   irvin

eecckks me again the stalker!!!!!! ( not in a bad way ..dont have me arrested please!!) This is sweet you know I have copied quite a few of your LO I love that hippie style....trust the hippies they always have all the good ideas!!!
fairy frolickin fun nicole xoxo

nicole   irvin

p.s what does mignonne mean??
nicole xoxo

nicole   irvin

eeww I think we've bonded I to had the metallic docs....did you also have the boots with the buckles on the side you know all the way up???Twins!!!! Now this really is the last comment for now


all i wanted when i was 16 was a pair of pink doc's... oh how my heart broke when chritmas came n went no boots... oh the pain comes flooding back!

Bek~Aussie Chick~

Love the Layout Em!
Mikaela and I have the same little game.
Only I say... "I love you sooooooo much"
And she responds.... "I love you more than that!"
Gorgeous little angels are they!


Precious memories, and the reason we scrapbook. DD was born in France - she still says to me "je t'aime jusqu'à la baleine" which means "I love you as far as the whale". She is 16 now! (I guess you had to be there)


Wonderful ! I like all you do !!

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