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January 14, 2007


stacey fike

i used your card idea to make a mini-book this weekend and I love IT!!!! thanks for the inspo!!!


I love this idea, and I think I'm going to do it! congrats on the baby, dearie!!! Hope you are feeling well!!!


Looks like so much fun!!!...and you're right...family bond is SO strong!

Anna Molina

I loooooove the art journal challenge because the card is small enough that I can finally have a feeling of accomplishment with a weekly project. I can't wait to meet you when you come to the Tampa area!

Patty S

Hi! fun fun fun!!!!
I'm really enjoying this little journal :-)


Loving this art journal challenge... Love the size (so manageable and totally not intimidating) and it's fun to just have a place to play, you know? Thanks so much for the inspiration!
I've posted the cover and first entry on my blog, and will post my second entry tomorrow:


Thanks again, this is a blast!


Glad you had fun with the family. I'm working on last week's prompt...not sure if I'll share it on my blog, but I'm enjoying having time to write. Looking forward to doing this week's prompt.


Ahhh, the beach... Just seeing water makes me jealous ... But right now it is freezing here in Vegas!

Tanya Reedy

I so wish I could go to the Freestyle in Sydney. When are you coming to Brisbane? I love the Playing Card thingy Great idea!


Ah - this is so much fun!!! I love it already to pieces - LOL. Thanks so much!
Here is my second card (hope I got the question still right - lol)
Have a gorgeous week!


Oh wow i love this idea...fantastic..and very creative...So im starting this week, just have to go and buy my pack of cards, cause im too lazy to make my own...lol..


I finished my second one Em.. http://batteryhill.blogspot.com/ I'm really loving this. I did a few bases tonight too, in readiness, and a couple little layouts, so I'm feeling quite inspired at the moment.
btw, there's no Dutch in your family is there? the dutch are so tall as well.


I was so looking forward to the 2nd card,im loving this challenge. This is my 2nd card.

BIanca Alonso

Hi Emily!!
This art journal is so great!! I agree about the size of the cards: it's PERFECT for a weekly job :)
i'll be posting all the cards here:



I love this idea too! I started this sunday and made a bunch of cards to decorate later. And here are my first two I´ve made:
The writing is in Swedish though, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


I love that this is so easy to keep up with - I feel so accomplished:) Here is my card for this week:


Thanks for looking - Kim

PROLIX from la Normandie

Merci beaucoup for your nice post on my blog, Emily!
This is the secong card :
{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

See you later!

Bonne semaine!


what a beautiful family picture! I am so jealous, stuck here in Detroit with crummy weather!
Love the card. so beautiful!

jessi (daisy J)

love your card...very pretty and love the question!!! I am off to get a deck of cards today...will have to play the catch up game...it's only 3, not too bad!!! and me too...so jealous of the weather...it's cold in alberta!!! have a fabulous day!

tara w

hahaa im laughing about the parking comment. ill pay LOADS extra just so i dont have to walk anywhere! heeee


Like everyone else stated, I'm having such a great time with this project. It's a great size, easy to keep up with and gets my creativity going.

Here is a link to mine!



Here is my second card. Couldn't wait to get started on it and look forward to next week's prompt. http://chucklesandgrins.blogspot.com/2007/01/cardweek-2.html


Card 2 is up! Emily this is so. fun. !


Marie Mattsson, Sweden

card nr. 2 is made. I really love your challanges! Thank you for all the inspiration.



Here's mine for the second week :D
LOVE this challenge so far -- been waiting for this new q :D


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