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January 24, 2007


Lene S

What a great way to find happiness! You made me grab my camera and go for a litlle photoshoot expedition around our little place to! ;o)You have so many cool things! It´s kinda the way I expected it to be around your home.. Fun, exciting and relaxed at the same time. Just like u!

tara pollard pakosta

totally rad!
i am trying to do that each day for the photo a day thingie. i am not so successful this month though! LOL!


WOW.. those made me happy too.. its 18 degrees or less at the moment the last time I looked it was 18 its dark and dreary and snowie and I am cold and miserable.. blahhhh.. so your pics cheered me up as well.. Hope you are all well and that you are feeling good you look fantastic.



What simple and beautiful pictures! It's wonderful when you can make yourself happy again.


great little bits of happiness em!!! take care and glad you were able to turn your day around...ill have to remember this when im having a bad day!

Flavia Ladvocat

Very nice pictures!

Rebecca Geach

Hey sweets... when I wake in a bad mood... I am not near so determined to get out of it as you are... I figure I need it *grin* bhahahahah.

Its just hormones. Love.. the babes!

Sweet note from hubs!! And that itty bitty cutie little ozzie flag... GORGEOUS!!

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY MY DEAR GAL ~ at mine... we are listening to the Js counting down the hottest 100~ get on the net sista :-)

Cant wait to meet you in Sydney, tho in the meantime cant wait for the next addition to the EAJC.

((hugs)) and have a beautiful day!!
Bek ~Aussie CHICK~


Hey girl sorry to hear that you have been feeling down.
Loving your happy pics.
Happy Australia Day.
Hey my classes are all booked for Freestyle. Cant wait to catch up. xoxo

Kelly McCaleb

these pics made me really happy too :))thanks!!


WOW! What a wonderful home you have! I think I´m going to adapt this on my "bad" mornings. :-) Such a great idea!

Hope your day turned out great!



wow! your pictures even make me happy!!! love the love letter from your hubby, your scrappy space, the delish butterfly snack, & the letterpress name.

hope they made you feel a lot better!


Awesome idea. I may have to try photographing the things taht I love. Thanks for sharing.


i just wanted you to know that paint you sent me is the BEST!!!!!!!!


OH, and I sure do miss you!!!!


Thanks for the great Pick-Me-Up!!! I loved your pictures. Someday I will have to go see that Australia Day--Happy Day to you and family! PS -Where do you get your Matisse paints?


There's nothing quite like taking photos of our favourite posessions to remind us how fortunate we really are when we feel down!
Love your pics.
I am playing along with your prompts & are behind so by the end of today I hope to have all three completed & on the blog!!!


Wow! Your happy things make me quite happy too! Love your paintings and craft corner :)

Allotment Lady

What a wonderful posting - and an inspiring blog. You are a very talented lady and I feel privileged to be able to see what you make and do.

Will be back regularly.


your photo's make me happy!!!!


Love the pics. Thanks for sharing. BTW, your picture with your pots drying on the kitchen counter...there's a wooden rectangular bowl with them. Do you know what kind of wood that is? It reminds me a lot of the pieces I have from South America made of palosanto wood.


wow you have some great stuff around the house ! Really like you're last photo !


Hi from Perth!

LOL I was in a bad mood too... until I looked at your pics and realised I have a lot to be happy about too... gotta learn to appreciate the little blessings hey? Gave me a smile and taught me a sweet little lesson. Off to take some pics.... hehehe :)


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