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January 24, 2007


Rachel Whetzel

poooie! I don't like hearing that people I like are having a tough day! Your pictures are stunning. Even in the everyday of things. THAT is something to smile about too. Can't wait for the next deck of ME card prompt! Is is SUNDAY yet!?





What a great idea!!! Will remember this when I have a bad start :-D Love the pictures!!!


Great collection of pictures! Your home feels so comfortable through them...:)

melissa godin

hope your day got better emily!
love the little bits of your home!!


i love your happy pixs ;-)


those photos are awesome! i need to do that!


Easy to understand why it helped! :)


i didn't wake up in a bad mood, but i'm going to bed in one! still not sure what happened...grrrr..


Hi e

just found your blog through one of your gal pals from blue bazaar. LOVE your very artistic look, feel, style. I'll be back. (and no, that was not said in an arnold swartzenerger voice!)



i am going to have to try this the next time I am in a bad mood. You're pics were making me happy!

PROLIX from la Normandie

you've got a "holiday" house!
each element makes think to holidays thing!
how lucky you are!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

PROLIX from la Normandie

moreover, you're so lucky to have your own house! it's so cool!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Ahh I LOVE lookin at everybodys fave things in their home!! SO need to do that myself soon - well - when I get my SLR back from the cameradoctors! Which seem to take WEEKS. Ugh.


I love your pictures Emily. They made me happy too. Thank you for sharing so generously. :)


Lots of things to make you happy!
I love that Love your life poster. Super cool. I need one!
I also love your little baskets & spools of ribbon. How clever & creative!


WOW....you made me happy too. Thanks for the fun walk around your house !!!!


your pictures make me happy too! I love those jars you have in your kitchen...where did you find those??


Oh wow! I want a husband like yours. I love that note on the blackboard...although I couldn't quite make sense of "I love that you want loser...":). What a great little flat you have. You have made it very homey and yours. I love that. There is something about living away from home that makes it more important to make your home space your own. And it really is such a cool creative space.


thanks for spreading the happiness. those
photos are wonderful. i enjoyed looking at
all those bits and pieces - the prayer flags, the
apple/cheese creature, the tubes of paint, the
fuzzy knitted troll, etc... thanks.


Hi, what great images! Can see why they would cheer you up! And yes - if only my boyfriend left messages like your husband did!
Fantastic blog - loving your art journal challenge, what a lovely idea to look back on at the end of the year!
Thanks for sharing


Hey... Love the pics, especially the one from the sutudio with the baskets. Might have to steal that idea ;). Anyways, Love the Deck of ME project, and can you post more pics of your studio, please??


hi hunny
aww, sorry you had a bad start to your day, this would make me happy to, love all your knic knacks :)
we need to meet up hunny as well if poss
big hugs
anna x

Anne Thompson

All your stuff is so cute! I love the chandeleir! I've been looking for one for each of my girls' rooms! Hope you are feeling better. Anne

Kirsty Wiseman

your pictures made ME happy - let alone you :)
hope tummy is well, ivy is fluffy and pink and that you are looking after your yummy little self.

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