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January 26, 2007



Happy Australia Day to you!

I agree with you...I think everyone should move away from their home at least once in their lives. Even if they return home after a while, being away helps you to see who you are and what got you there. I grew up in California and lived there until I was 24, then I moved to Massachusetts. I've been there ever since. I miss California and everything about it, but I love being here and what I've gained in the experience. It has been invaluable.

Judy in Carefree

Happy Australia Day! Read Ivy "Possum Magic" which I hope you have...our tour director gave it to us last year when we were there and my grandchildren loved the story and the pictures. So fun to share with them. Loved your country and it's friendly people and know how much you miss home. Lived in Illinois for 54 years and then moved to Arizona and I'm so glad I did! I miss my friends, one of my daughters and a granddaughter, but I have gained so much from this new "home"! Enjoy every minute of your trip in April!


Emily! Happy belated Australia Day! I can relate! I was able to visit Australia once and I loved it.
p.s. I cry every single time I return to the states. But I wouldn't give up living where I do either. Hugs, Cheri


awwwww! Life experiences they do make us better people though! At least you have something to look forward to in April! Have a great day!


Amy Kyle-Percy

Hi Amily, I know how much you miss home so I am VERY happy for you that you get to go back in April. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time there.

Happy Belated Australia Day,


I totally know how you feel.. I grew up in the philippines and my Dad retired from the air force in 1991. Thats the last time I was home. We are planning a huge trip home in 2008 for my grandmother's 90th birthday! I miss it so much..

Lene S

Happy Australia Day!



Happy Belated Aussie Day!!

Perth as always went off - we live in Applecross and the fireworks were fantastic and we had a blockpartythat went all day!

Am going to your class at SFTH - can't wait to meet you:)


Happy Aussie Day!

Jo Amato

Hi Emily HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY, I"m in Adelaide & had a fantastic day at the beach with fireworks in the evening. Hope your day is great too!!

Jo xxx

Tanya Reedy

Happy Australia Day to you too. I am from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland so I can relate to the fish & chips on the beach to watch the fireworks.
I thought it was funny that Freestyle called you American and Zina Wright - Australian when you both claim the other.


** Happy Australia Day!! **
From "down under"!!

Leanne Ryan

Sending some Australia Day love your way!

Cheers, Leanne


Happy Australia Day from Perth!!!
We had a lovely 40 degree day on Australia Day and totally agree with you, you just can't beat anywhere in the world to what we have here!!
Have a yummy Vegemite sandwich!!!


Awww! Happy Australia Day!!! :) I vow to make it to Australia someday soon. I'm just a bit worried about spidies....eek! ;)

I want to go to Australia during the Big Day Out events, so I can see You Am I on their turf. That's be so fun. Not to mention all the other stuff ;)

Anyhow, it takes being away from home to really appreciate what you have or had. It took me 8 years to move back home from Chicago (yes, I'd live in Chicago again). BUT there's no place like home, no matter where in the world you live :)

Kelly Bryan

Love your blog and your creative talent. Your post made me wonder...what brought you to the US? Are you here permanently or for the short term? I can't imagine leaving your country and being so far from family, but you seem to stay so positive! Hope you're enjoying the good old USA!


Hi Em The temperature hit 41.2 on Australia Day in Perth at 5.15pm - it was one of the hottest I can ever remember and it just didn't cool down until this morning (the 27th). It was supposed to be 41 again today, but it seems a lot cooler - thank goodness! Hope you are having a nice little Australian celebration of your own.

Melissa H

we miss you too em! although will see you soon! i've posted about our australia day on my blog... 45 degree heat (115 degrees fahrenheit) do you miss that?? lol!!




there were sausage sizzles in every backyard surrounding our house- made me very very hungry!!

happy belated australia day to you!


Thanks for letting us know this! I just started working with an aussie who has been here for a while and think the little bit o' info might help me help her warm up to me :)

Rebecca Geach

Lovely... twas a great sunny day.
I hope you had a good one too.


Aww girl you are making me cry!!!
We are just going to fatten you up on all the Fish N Chips and Beetroot you can handle. ROFLMAO!!! Oh this is going to be so much fun. You do realise that Viv and you are going to get no sleep... zero, zilcho, numero none. But it will all be worth it.

PROLIX from la Normandie

is it the day which celebrate the creation of Australia? (sorry, don't know it, I'm french).

so Joyeuse fĂȘte de l'Australie!!!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


same to you, its hot here in Brisvegas ... i love the balmy weather.


Happy "Oztralya" Day!! From one Aussie chick to another!! Have a good one MAAAATE!!!!!

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