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January 07, 2007


Danielle Nilsson

OMG What a fantastic idea!!! I need a pack of cards to do this with :D

LOVE it :) Thanks for the inspiration Emily!!!!


i'm really excited for this! the layout-a-week club i was in at my lss ends in a couple weeks, so the timing is perfect!
also, don't you just LOVE that date stamp? i wonder how i ever lived without it.

Lene S

Yeah!! I have taken this class, and the cards in my deck is just waiting to be filled with weekly journaling! How cool!

Getting started tomorrow!

(Loved this class by the way, funky, messy (LOL) and sooo inspiring! Thanks E!)



I think I saw these in paris - wish I had time to have taken your class.
love the fact the 52 cards can also represent a week.
must get my huge butt off the pc and go and do some real scrapping xx


Oh my gosh.. what a great idea.. Love these cards so creative


Count this gal in! Sure, I haven't taken a fun class like this ever (boo, Buffalo!) - BUT, I'm so ready to crack the same-ol-same-ol mold I'm in. Plus, my resolution this year is to push myself into a more creative way of life (loooonnngggg been missing!), so this is a fab way to do it! Awesome. I'm getting my deck to get started first thing tomorrow!

Oh, and I promise not to be a big chicken and I will post my card decorating successes! ;)


OH I am totally loving this idea! I have been cleaning out cupboards and found a few decks of cards that I was planning on tossing. I think I feel a new project coming on for myself and my DD's.


Love this idea! I am sooo in:) HUGE congrats too on your growing family. How lovely!!!!

melissa godin

I'm totally game for this!! Thanks for the inspiration Emily!

jill s

oh my goodness...i'm SO stinkin' excited. i think i have an roughed up deck somewhere here...off to find it!

this is what i needed.


you rock.



oooooo.... I have a deck of cards that's just been waiting for something fun to happen to it... I'm totally in!! :)

Patty S

I did mine as soon as I read your post! I even have it up on my blog - thanks for the inspiration!!!! :-)


I am also going to join, I recently bought the really big deck of cards from Target for a $1.00 so I will be joining! thanks for doing this Emily, you are such an inspiration, I love your stuff! Malou


what an awesome concept.
you just oooze cool- don'tcha?!


yep, this sounds like *em* kinda fun! lurv it... count me in!! :)


What a great idea!!! I emailed you a while back about your article in SC on art journals - but I only ever made a start on the first page of mine. Playing cards will be great for this - I'll be off to buy some tomorrow :)


count me in Em...am off to rummage in the cupboard for cards right now - even though I should be doing something boring like laundry - creativity has to come first, right ??

Shawnna / flipflopmom

this sounds so FUN
hoping to do it

chrissy amport

:) I was wondering when you'd start a challenge or project...hubby's a magician, lots{LOTS} of decks of cards just waiting for my scrap room to devour. What an awesome idea!

celine navarro


Debbie Wylie

love this idea, have never done anything like this, so looking forward to it!
can't wait to see what you do


Yes! I love this artjournal-Idea.
So, I'll use the cards and the lovely, little purse I made at your class in Paris. :)
Thanks alot, for your lovely inspiration.

...and strange enough, I Just started another artjournal journey back at MY blog today. It is only lasting two weeks, and it is all about improvement (hope that's the rigt word)...being better at something...or making some changes....It's about inspiration, and creating.....and it is mostly in norwegian....lol

Have a nice day.
Love to you

Michelle Perry

What an awesome idea. Love it. I'm in for sure.

And congratulations on your pregnancy :)



Hi Emilie ;o))

I have taken this class in Paris ... the little pouche is ready, just waiting to be fullfilled .. Thanks for this challenge

Merci !!


This is awesome!!! Can't wait to start!

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