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January 07, 2007



Hi, Just recently found your blog and I am starting on my art journal cards today. Thanks for the inspiration!


What a brilliant idea... do you mind if I put you on my blog as an inspiration to me? Also... we could just cut out 52 small cards right? I might do that, it might be easier to decorate or embellish or paint them then... I like to keep it simple :) But then... maybe I won't be as creative that way.... Hmmm Must think which way I will go... anyway, THIS IS A BRILLIANT IDEA!!! Thank you!!

Jolanda V

I'm joining the "club". I like the whole idea. I'm not that artistic, but I'll try.

You can look at my attempts here:


I have to agree, a brilliant idea. Saw this challenge on a friends blog for a couple of weeks ago. Been busy with catching up, but now all cards are done so far...

Looking forward to see what the theme is for next week.

Have a beutiful day!
Love Tette


I've had great fun with these challenges - thank you.


I just completed my first card...late in the game, but I'll work on catching up. This is an excellent idea. Thanks for coordinating it.


I love this challenge...you did an awesome job!!!!!!


Here's my take on week #1


Charndra at My Green Nappy

Hi Emily,
What an amazing idea - as a Mum, it's so hard to find time to do art - these are just beautiful!

I was an art teacher BC; even then I found it tricky to get my own projects done.

As these 52 cards are small they are quick, focussed and I love the idea of my own little pack of inspiration to carry around.

Thanks for this idea!


I love inspiration cards! I started making some last year... Thank you for sharing, I look forward to seeing more of your deck~

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