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January 07, 2007



OK! I am ALL OVER THIS! This rocks!!! I am stoked!! Off to create!


Awesome! Can't wait to join. Need to buy a deck of cards today!!


I love it! So inspiring you are miss em!!! Now to get me a deck o cards. ;)

Anna-Marie Still

Very tempting!! Are you testing my determination to stay focused in 2007? (LOL - check out my blog post from today to see what I mean!)

Sounds like an amazing journey - I'd love to travel with you, girl!

Guess I'd better go flirt with a poker player to get me some cards! Don't tell my DH (hee! hee!).

See you on the road!~

Sarah Bowen

Em!!! That is the best idea ever!! So cool!


Thanks for posting this! I totally need to get started. My deck of cards from your class in Paris was finally delivered with all my stuff on the moving truck last week... time to pull it out and play! And congrats on the pregnancy! That's awesome!


what an awesome idea!!! i might have to join in Emily!

sarah the kiwigirl

Deal me in!!! I love the idea...and I love even more you coming "down under" to teach...YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

jill s

here is my week 1 card.


absolutely loving this already.



This will be a newy for me, this Kiwi gal is off to get started & sort out fabric for it's little bag, Blessings

dede Warren

em, you so rock! it sounds like many of us are ready to start anew, as am i. thanks for the inspiration!!! you are our leader, we are{{blowfish}} to your {{hootie}}, ethel to your lucy ;~)


fantastic idea, I'm up for it, yahoo, now need to find my playing cards.


Hi Emily! I love the idea for this art journal challenge. I posted my card and bag on my blog here:


Already looking forward to next week - thanks for the inspiration.

P.S. Congratulations on your good news!

Amy Kyle-Percy

Oh COOL! Count me in for this one for sure! Now I will have to go find me some cards. The funny thing is creatively I have been in a MAJOR lul for quite some time. I have FINALLY started to come out of it and get those juices flowing again and your timing of this project is just PERFECT! It will be a great help! Thanks soo much.

Congrats on your news!

Take Care & Happy Creating~


what a cool fun idea!
Your card just rocks!


Would you believe I just bought a pack of jumbo playing cards last week, planning to make something like a diary (52 cards/52 weeks/The Solitaire Mystery). How freaky is that?!

This looks like so much fun, and manageable too. Fantastic idea!


i love this idea. not too much commitment, yet just enough to keep the creative juices flowin. keep the cobwebs out. love it! thanks for the inspiration. :)

dede Warren


here's my project em, thanks for the inspiration to start this little shrine!!


I am not a scrapbooker--though I love to see all the stuff you al do--but this little project seems so fun. What did you paint the card with? I know I could glue patterned paper over it...but yours look painted and I like that better.
Also....(and I am ducking as I type this) I am afraid no one will ever care to see it. I don't have kids yet...does anyone else ever have that feeling or am I being terrible. I know I should do it for me...buuuuuut........

off to look for a deck of cards...maybe I'll find some in my husband's poker set....

Tammy Kay

Hey Emily. It is the same Tammy Kay that thinks that your hubby is Hot! My info from above has changed some. I am so in. I totally love this idea.

Hey visit my blog sometime! I am not that boring eventhough I am from the south!


what a great idea and if i get started early enough i might even be able to make a few sets for girlfriends for chrissy this year - now ain't THAT thinking ahead...??? LOL
i love your outlook on life em, and i love the way you never cease to inspire me....THANK YOU !!!
hope you are keeping well and have a fabbo day


Sarah Bowen

Okay, here is my go at it!

Van Dyke

Darn it Emily! I was gonna SEW this month! I have GOT to stop visiting your blog... *sigh*, count me in.


i really love this idea.
52 cards = 52 weeks.
makes perfect sense.
love your first card too.


thanks for the challenge & i am going to try my best to take it. i really need something to get me to stretch creatively & i just love your idea! thank you so much for sharing.

congrats on the little addition as well. so wonderful!!!

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