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January 17, 2007



motherhood is amazing, ain't it?

Tash Allen

sure is amazing and I know EXACTLY the spot you're talking about.

tara w

mmmmmm her hair looks so yummy.
i love the spot just behind their ears.
smells so yummy.

stacy benintendi

oooooh i love that too emily. i could kiss tatum there all day long...and sometimes she lets me. :)


Oh how I know about those special little spots! I love my daughter's tiny waist. When I hug her, I wrap my arms around her waist and say, "If you were a movie, this would be my favorite part!" :-)

jessi (daisy J)

too sweet...must be a mama thing...cause I so know what you are talking about!!! have a great a day!


sooo cute! oh how sweet her hair looks in lil plaits! (luv the hair bands too!!)


My twelve year old son and I have a competition who ever sneaks a kiss on the other ones neck last in the day wins


I know exactly what you mean, even though my daughter is already 17, I still love that little spot

PROLIX from la Normandie

you're totally right.
I'd like to be a mum.

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}




awwww...so sweet!!

kelly mccaleb

oh i'm definately braiding some hair today. too much. and of course i will make your bebe some special maryjanes/boy booties, don't panic :)


sooooo cutttteeeee! Love those little things!

deb munn

Awwww... so very cute :)
Love the braids and the cute little elastics at the ends. How very Ivy!!


LOVE the pigtail holders!


My son has the perfect soft spot right on his neck that I love to snuggle.
Wait till you get a new baby! :)


The pregnancy is making your mind go a bit goooooey man *grin*
Just jokes.
I totally agree with you... some days they are JUST TOO CUTE {if that is at all possible}.


dude. totally.
jaxon loves getting that spot tickled.


..adorable photo..can't wait to see the little sweetie again...and of course I LOVE the plaits ! Like your new page header too, bright & colourful & makes me want to slap some paint on anything I can !!

Danielle Nilsson

This is just too darn cute :D xoxo


This is just precious...love those little piggy tail holders too! So sweet.


For some reason this post drew tears to my eyes (perhaps it has something to do with my 'baby' girl starting school in a about a week and a half!) By the way how's Ivy going with her new camera? All the best from Australia


I love the top of my Rosie's head (when she's not been rubbing pasta sauce into it) it's the sweetest smell in the world :) Hope you're feeling ok hun xoxox


I came to your blog by way of my daughter, Rachel. Just had share this; my youngest daughter is from Korea, and as is typical, has no bridge on her nose between her eyes. She is 25 now, but when she was little I loved to give her kisses on her "kissing spot". Hmmm...I'll have to sneak one next time I see her...

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