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January 30, 2007



I just saw that Tara was there.
I am triple sad I couldn't be. All my faves in one place.
I am such a dork!

Kirsty Wiseman

just checking in to say hello and hope that you are all well.

i have to say that the little peeling paint trick is rather delightful - will try that.


Good for you Emily and how much fun for all the Perth girls, lucky girls....when are you coming to Calgary??? lol Have fun!!!


Lene S

Hi Em :o) Sounds like u could use a chill time with your feet up high, reading a trashy magazine!LOL Hope u are feeling fine and that the busy scedule donĀ“t stress u to much. Enjoy Paris! And all my best to little Ivy! Hope she will feel better soon.



You can't wait to get back to Perth. I can't wait to do your class. I just booked in not five minutes ago. Roll on May.

Enjoy Paris and I hope Ivy gets better soon.


Hi Emily, I'm not really a scrapbooker but I buy heaps of stuff at Scrapbooks from the Heart for other stuff I do - I no longer go to any other scrapbooking shop. Maybe I'll sign up...


Hi Em, I am one of the lucky ones to get booked in, looking forward to catching up with you again in May.


I love how small this world is. Before I even started scrapbooking we had a friend/roomate who went to Australia for a year to play for the Perth Wildcats. We hadn't even heard of Perth before that. Its so funny to be reading a blog of someone who used to live there and scrapbooks:) Ah life, how random it is:)

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