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January 10, 2007



funny thing isn't it... i too have the most vivid childhood memories! how lucky we are to look back fondly on our childhood & to remember so clearly! love that childish spontaneity & i remember having the wildest imagination... the crazy games i used to invent!! thanx for taking me back!! :)


LOVE LOVE LOVE you...We reunite soon! Can't wait to see YOU at CHA...Got you some ledger today...
kiss kiss


I am seriously considering unpacking my scrap stuff to join in this deck of cards thang!...and since when have you NOT been a kid????....


See what happens when I don't check your blog for awhile! All this cool stuff happens!! A HUGE CONGRATS on your awesome Baby news!!! I just know Ivy is going to be a great big sister!!

And you're deck of card mini album is so cool!! I'm definetly going to get started next week!!!



great shots girl.. love them.. looks like lots of beach fun.. You totally described what I love about being a mom.. watching my kids be kids and being able to capture that in my head and with my camera watching cycles repeat them selves.. its funny my daughter wants to be a princes Like as a career like I did as a kid.. and she is totally a grandmas girl just like I was with my mom's mom.. its so funny.. enjoy all those moment they go way to fast..


totally love your blog, love the art journal, got the cards, now for a little time.... great pictures, great memories! Have a great day!



those are some of the best reasons to be a mother, so we can always remember what it was like to be a carefree kid!
I'm taking my daughter to her first concert on Tuesday, and I think I'm as excited as she is!


I've started my ATC's and have prepped 2 to ctach up. Thanks for this, a nice gentle challenge, most needed but also enough just to wind down nicely at the end of the day. Hugs xx

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