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February 19, 2007



I finally did my week 7 card!



I put my week 7 card on my blog - a tough one for me as I am not a shoes gal, but pleased with how it turned out. Thanks to everyone for their encouraging comments last week!



still catching up! :)


Wow! What a lovely blog!! And you've got a great name ;) I'm just mostly a writer, but feel free to stop in on my blog and check it out. And thanks for this fabulous store of creative inspiration that you've created!

beth j

just realized...yes 3 days later that i didn't add my link...oops! here is my week seven card. http://bethjohnson5.blogspot.com


You can find my shoes card at:


Just finished this one too!!!


Rebecca Geach

Ems ... another brilliant idea! I loved this one, just happened to be sorting through a box of baby clothes/items... and this is what I came up with:


Such fun Ems.

Susan Gilman

I am behind but determined to catch up!! Cracking up that your shoe story included the word CLODHOPPERS- just like mine (small world!)


Back on track now with the right week. Great fun as usual.


Better late then never. Here is my "Shoes" entry. These shoes took me one a very difficult hike that I'll never forget...and hope to do again.



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