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February 20, 2007


Kelly McCaleb

oh my gosh. i love that.


how do you reverse applique? have you just cut out fabric and ironed it on somehow andthen stitched around it?
thanks j

PROLIX from la Normandie

I knew the atelier you took pleased you a lot!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


i take it miss t is modeling for miss embers!
you and donna downey should get together - quite a wardrobe would be put together - sewing and knitting - creative creative
stay well

jill s

OH MY GOSH!!!!! that is the coolest shirt i have ever seen girlie! seriously love it.

is it hard to do?!

hope you're feeling good em.


Anna-Marie Still

The lovely and talented Tara Whitney I presume?

Amy Kyle-Percy

I say it's your best bud Tara! I also say that is one of THEE COOLEST shirts Em'!!!! LOVE IT! You HAVE to tell though...Again, what is a "Reverse Applique"? Hope you are feeling good.

Take Care & Happy Creating,


Tara looks good!
I really need one of these tees.
And I really need another hobby like a hole in the head.


I concur, it looks like Tara...and a super cutie tee!!! :) Love it!

Amber U.

Girl, i love this!!! great great goodness!!!


great message-just be! and awesome
job with the reverse embroidery!!!!!!!
such a cool and happy shirt. lovely.


I made a t-shirt like this the other day! Lol- it said sun! Love yours!


Love the T-shirt! It is absolutely super-COOL!
Wish I could make something like this as well!
Have no Idea who is modelling it, but all the others says Tara....so I guess it is. ;)
Have a nice day!


Way Cool.. hey.. HOW ARE YOU FEELING?

Lusi Austin

That's aweseome em! :)

tara w

heee hee yes its MEEE.
how lucky am i??


Your shirts rock!!!
Loved this last challenge!
Lovin' the whole challenge!
I love yours!
Great job!
Heres mine:

Thanks for the inspiration!

PROLIX from la Normandie

salut Em'!!!
this is my card for your challenge :

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

teresa mcfayden

Love it!! Totally!! Still mad that I didn't get to take that class....rats!

deb munn

I knew it was miss t!!!
Love the tee em... super kewl!
:) deb

ronda ballard

You so need to post this as an online class for the rest of us! Loving this could so be a new addiction for me, like I need another.
Sign me up!


This is so cool!!!!!!!


uhmm...yea. i was like a week short of being in LA for the class. RATS!

totally agree that there needs to be a online class on this!!

LOVE it!


ok, for real...you are going to have to share this technique!! i need to make a shirt that says "island jen rocks" !!

Lisa Conn

LOVE that shirt! Very cool... Can't wait to see the one that says Art Does Belong! Love that saying now, thanks for sharing that video. I've never seen/heard them before but have been humming that tune for the afternoon now.

HEY.... I'm uber excited, just got into your Class at Ruban Rouge in Florida and hoping to get more girls from my website in there to make it a real party!

Can't wait to take your class!

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