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February 13, 2007


sarah the kiwigirl

So excited about you coming to New Zealand...not quite sure if I am coming to Wellington or Auckland yet but will be there for sure!!!

beth j

hmmm....sure wish i lived by one of your store visits. have fun traveling. ivy's book is such a fun idea.

Megan W

No Pass the parcel, what teach them some really paerty games Emily and throw Ivy a huge big Aussie party with some vegemite and pass the parcel


I got the call today about the sign-ups being taken at Right At Home Scrapbooking - I was already hounding them Sunday about you coming!!! Am so totally stoked - I missed you last year - and am blessed that you will visit here in Mass. before you stop teaching for a little while!! Couldn't make it to the Friday night crop, but signed up for both classes on Sat. March 3rd!!!! SEE YOU THEN! Oh and I'll eventually post my mini art journal challenges SOON!

Melissa H

look forward to seeing you in may!
i can't believe they don't play pass the parcel (my kids call it parcel parcel)... i thought the yanks did everything! lol!! (only joking - my brother in law is american!)

PROLIX from la Normandie

cool for ya'!

And merci for your sweet comment on my blog!

gros bisous to ya'!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Lusi Austin

no pass the parcel??? WHAT????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Lol em! Teach them please!!!!
he he he
Lus x


I cannot believe it..I thought it was universal..where did we get it from then? england I guess, like most things..no pass the parcel..sacrilege!


YAY!! I see a road trip in my future!! Rubaon Rouge is not that far from me!! I hope I get to see you there! What class are you teaching?


I would LOOOOOOOVE to come to Australia to take one of your classes...a little far though, how about coming to Canada? calgary to be specific???????????? Have a great day!



Whoo hoo! I just signed up for both of your classes on Saturday! I took one of the classes you taught at Right At Home last summer and had such a great time. I'm really looking forward to these classes!


Hey emily, Do you ever come to Canada?
I would be first in line to take a class from you! You know how to rock it!
I LOVE your work!!!!!
Here is my week 6!

Keep up the AWESOME work!

kelly mccaleb

what's a parcel?
haha just kidding.
that scrapbook looks just delicsh.

deb munn

Yeah!!! So excited to have you back at Right at Home!!! Can't wait em!!

Anna-Marie Still

So excited to take both of your Saturday classes at RAH! (I missed your classes last year.) I've been stalking their blog to see when sign-ups would begin and saw the hot "BUY NOW!" buttons yesterday! I am registered and can't wait to play with you in a few weeks! Have a safe trip!



What no pass the parcel, that was a mainstay at childrens parties when I was a child (many moons ago LOL}. As i am in the Uk I guess lisavc is In answer to lisavc correct in her asumption that it originated here. Would love to see you in Boston but not sure if I will be able to get there. Will have to see.


I cant believe they dont play pass the parcel! LOL. It is not a party without that game. LOL.


come to Michigan! We would have some laughs!


gotta say i'm very suprised at the "pass the parcel" thing! how an earth do they recycle their newspapers?! LOL! :)


Hmmm...seriously contemplating travel from Buffalo to Boston. It's the closest to the NE you get...it's only 10 hours to drive, I think. Maybe if I start begging my hubby he'll let me go ;)

Anyway, glad to hear you're taking so relax time from the travel once you get back from Australia/NZ. Be good to yourself :)

Happy Valentine's Day to you & your family!

Oh, I have actually finished my challenge before the end of week...I'm still in shock! Here's the link - http://solitaryheron.wordpress.com

Shell Mackay

when we moved here from NZ - I was shocked at no pass the parcel as well! At my kids birthday parties - we always played it - and ALL the (usa) kids that played absolutely loved it. Even some of the adults would join in *-lol-*

I have now firmly entrenched that piece of kiwiana [ok maybe aussie-ana too ;-0] into a generation of yanks!


no pass the parcel is so sad! I think we should club together and make it a big craze in the states! It is a main staple of parties in the uk too!

linda woods

It was so nice to meet you at CHA! I am going to try to pop in and say hi when you are teaching at Sweetpeas...especially if there will be cupcakes =). I love teaching there, too.


I was thinking, what the heck is pass the parcel?? haha


oh i hope you come to AZ!!! i love the card challenges and need to get busy and start!

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