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February 09, 2007



...you girls both look so beautiful ! miss you both...the door is amazing...maybe mine needs a paint job..oh & a fancy pillar or two ! glad to have you back on blog - missed you heaps xxx


Owmy that door is beautiful!!Is this her door??So sorry to hear you catched Bronchitis!!Be better soon okay?xxx


Glad you appreciate France!
I had a class with you at Version-scrap in Paris (Painty doodles and altered state) and I loved it! You're so creative! I'd to be like to be more. Thank you so much to share with us. Your work is very inspiring for me!

Excuse me for my bad english! I hope you understand!

Lee Longmire!!

That door is ACE!! What a cool find. HOpe you are on the mend soon Emily, take care and don't let that bronchitis take hold, I was sick with baxter and it was horrid as I couldn't take any "real" medication that would have cleared it up quick.
Hope you are on the mend soon,
Lee :)


Although I don't agree with you about the non shaved armpits (LOL), I know what you mean by the natural beauty of french woman...When we drive from Holland .... going south on holiday you see the changing faces...The French are really beautiful!

And about the beautiful doors... I imagine finding this behind them:
http://www.notesderoute.com/images/Mexcoyoacan1010010.JPG... just to continue that happy feeling :)


I had to catch up on the cards since I gave it a late start. You can see them here: http://wolkenkoenigin.blogspot.com/2007/02/catching-up.html
Cheers! Sylvia

PROLIX from la Normandie

Bonjour Em'!

Hope you get better very soon!

Merci for your weekly challenge!
It's my sun in my world actually!

Have a great weekend!

Giant hugs to ya'!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

teresa mcfayden

I'd love to live behind those awesome doors!! Glad you had a great time in France!!


I would love that door!!!

Amber Ulmer

*New Reader* Love the doors... Natural beauty is so wonderful!!! xoxo


welcome home! Those doors remind me of a pic. my mom took of a pic house in italy...did a page titled "only an artist would live in a pink house"...imagine only an artist would live behind those fab doors. hope that bronchitis goes away real soon! much love! xoxo


Gorgeous pics and yes I would love to come home to a door like that!!!! SOunds like you had a great time teaching!!!! Have a great weekend, can't wait for the next 'prompt'



wow - the colors on those doors!
they are totally fun. just great.


Love that door!!! :) I would definitely be a little happier coming home to that. :)

Kimberly Kwan

Sorry to hear you got sick, but glad you're hoem safe in your nest with your lovies! :-)


I had very brightly colored doors for 4 years, and people thought we were strange.
Sorry about the bronchitis! Hope you feel better soon.


Love, Love, love the door! It just screams HAPPY!!!!!
I too as the rest of the world have just started your challenge!
How does it feel to inspire so so many people?
Thanks for the inspiration,


Very cool door - love a woman who appreciated natural God-given beauty!
Hope you feel better soon Em...don't know If I mentioned it last post but I'm booked in (thanks to my gorgeous friend Beth) into one of your Shiny Happy People Classes in Sydney - can I just say VERY excited :) lol
off to takcle week 5 ( yep a little behind) :)
Enjoy France :)
Lusi x


Wow, that door is AMAZING!!!

Hope you feel better soon :-)


Talk about inspiration! How could anyone be depressed living in a home with a door like that.


I forgot to link my week 5 to your blog as I had posted it on a thread that is running over on the UKS site.


I have done weeks 1-5 & await week 6 eagerly!!!


Glad to hear you're home safe, hope the nasty bronchitis goes away asap.
Thanks for the on-going inspiration Emily :)
I've got such a busy week this week (am getting married on Valentines day :D ) but have put time aside for week 6 LOL.

Love and hugs



Have caught up on my art journal cards...so here is the link. Am soo enjoying doing them, thanks for being such great inspiration everytime I vist. I love love your happy pictures! What an awesome door!


Just joining in. You can check out my cards on my blog. Have just caught up in time for the next one. Story of my life! LOL!



Beiing back myself from France just for 24 hours yet, can immagine your feelings. I was on a wintersport holiday... So my week 5 card will be a little later...

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