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February 21, 2007


PROLIX from la Normandie

salut Em'!

or a reverse applique t-shirt with a deck card of your challenge???


was very fun to "show our shoes" on card!!!



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Lene S

Never heard of the band, but heeeey girl! Love your taste in music! Loved it :o)


(And the t-shirts are soooo cool :o)

Amy Kyle-Percy

You ARE addicted Em'!

LOL, it's a GOOD thing though! Can't wait to see it!



isn't it amazing the resourceful things you can come up with when you need to?:)
btw...please share how to do these shirts!!!
My kids totally need them....so do I. I can see how I would become addicted to them:)

Ashley Schultz

Oh man, Thai food and Tim Tams...sounds beautiful. I think it's sweet that you listened from your husband's office window.

I used to live in Australia and I miss Tim Tams so much!! I also fell in love with Thai food there. Good memories.

Have fun at the concert!


Really LOVED the music!! Those people are real musicians. (is that a word?) The bass and the singing, everything was so pleasing to my ears and heart. Thank you for sharing, and I'm sure this makes a great live-band as well. Lucky you going to the consert.
Looking foreward to see your next shirt. I'm sure it's gonna be lovely! ;)
....made the shoe-card for my deck today. Had fun doing it, and posted it at my blog....
Have a nice day.

Take care


Hi there. I came across your blog as a link from Tara's. Just wanted to say I saw John Butler Trio last May in San Diego and it was PHENOMENAL! I'm so happy (and jealous) that you are going to see him! Have so much fun!


That is some great stuff. Australia holds some of the best kept secrets in the music industry! :)

Alisa Noble

Awesome sounds!!!


art does belong.
totally cool.

Anna Molina

Hi there! They started signing people up for your classes today at Ruban Rouge! I am so excited to meet you and take your classes! Hopefully, I will have the Travel Log completed by the time I see you. I am getting married next weekend and my life has been CRAZY! So excited!

Melissa H

have a great time em!!! i LOVE the john butler trio!!!

loving your t-shirts too - wouldn't mind giving that a try!!


cool - they rock. sweet story too ... tim tams are wikid!

Vicki Brunner

One of my fav Aussie bands!!!!!!!!

This is so much fun. My kids (3 and 5 yo) are bouncing around the room to the music.

Cool song Em

PROLIX from la Normandie



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

(to see the drawing of you it's on the blog, merci for looking)

Bonne journée!!!


Amber U.

OMy! Love JBT!!! How sweet!!! Have fun!!! :envious: xoxo


Very cool shirts!!

PLEASE share how you make them!!! :)

Thanks! Love your blog and creations!

Jenny B

Wow lucky you!! I loooove JBT - current favourite song is 'funky tonight' (or what ever it is called) And I must echo all the other comments - how on earth do you do reverse applique (in simple terms as I am not a sewer by nature)!

stacey fike

ummm....i'm gonna need one of those shirts!!!


oh gotta love JBT!!!!!
its the best to scrap to
hope you enjoy the concert


I just got this message on myspace and you were the first LA person I could think of who would dig it
If you live in Los Angeles, come hear us busk in front of the Hear Music Store on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. We'll be there on Sunday, February 25th at 2pm. We hope to see you there!


Hi -
I found you through tara's blog - another aussie here....love that you are showing off some great aussie talent and wanted to let you know how fun it is to come by and see what you are up to......
Just in case you didn't know funky tonight came 12th in the triple j hottest 100 - Augie March was first with One Crowded Hour.....

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