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February 23, 2007



awesome...really i agree about the whole, just rip out and tape in kind of "scrap" book. i just started a new scrapbook just for me...more of a journal..in a cute little shabby chic composition book from target. love the 12 theme....need to make a book for my baby who will be two this week....YEAR 2....need to get busy...thanks for the inspiration. j


this method of "scrappy" scrapbooking completely resonates with my own methodology (for lack of a better word) for preserving my memories.

nothing in my life has been perfect; so why would i want to create a false reality of perfection in my scrapbooks?

the first time i saw crazy/beautiful was right around the time i started scrapping myself. some of my own favorite creations are the ones where i just scribbled endlessly, smacked on a photo or two, nothing but cardstock, pen and adhesive.

absolutely not-so-perfect-perfect.

love your approach.


wowowowow - SO colorful and happy all together there in the collage. Can't help but feel lifted up seeing something like this and love the idea of "just" 1 year (12) double pages to focus on one person. What a special gift that would make at the end of the year.


Geez, Emily!! You are amazing... LOVE all of it (of course!) and YOU too!

beth j

this would be such a fun book to create in your class...hmmm...wanna come to mn and teach it? :)


12 double page spreads in one class...amazing!
As I am a very slow scrapper most of the time I find that I am totally impressed and in awe of your output.
I find you very inspiring.
Wish I could get to Perth for your class...sigh

Ashley Schultz

I *LOVE* these layouts! They are so beautiful! I wish I could look through them in person and feel the textures on them. It would be so fun to take a class from you sometime...maybe someday. I love your "12" concept. Thanks for sharing - these are so inspiring!


you never cease to amaze me.. i so wish i could take your class my friend!

hope you are feeling well... take it easy and know that you are in my heart!

Lusi Austin

Just magnificent Em! I love every page :) So bright, fun, joyful...so full of life!
Can't wait to take your class in April!
Lusi x


I AM SO BLESSED! I get to meet and see you 1 week from today for this class!!! I took "12" and "I AM/YOU ARE"! The sample for 12 is SO AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! This class is going to ROCK!

Amanda McAnnally

have you seen elizabethtown? she makes a really cool scrapbook in that movie too.

jennifer davis

Oh how I needed this post! :) Thanks Emily for sharing your approach to scrapping, and they are SO happy those pages! Love your creativity and how you share it with us!

jennifer davis

And, I just have to add...wow! Really, your pages are so free and beautiful...a happy start to my morning!

Tanya Ellis

You totally ROCK EMILY.....!!! This is so AWE INSPIRING...Beautiful works of art.. LOVE IT!!
T~ x0x

Kimberly White

Love your philosophy on teaching! I've gone to some classes where you get "in trouble" if you stray from the exact layout the instructer is teaching. Love that artwork! Have a wonderful day! Kim

Ann Marie

Gorgeous pages, love the flow the paint gives all the layouts. I've never really used paint for my all over background--I wish I could take your class!

Also love your philosophy of teaching--it's all about inspiring, not dictating. I think that can be frightening to some people who want more direction, but I also think they would get the biggest bump in self-confidence by really flying solo!


you are TRULY amazing at this!! Em, I LOVE that movie!! I remember loving the picture part of it...how she would just snap away without making sure everything was always composed perfectly or even in focus....LOVED that!

Your albums are fantastic!!!

Michelle Baker

Whoa! I love the whole "feel" of these pages. And the colors are absolutely gorgeous.


ahhhhhhhhh come to dfw in texas please and teach a class!! that album looks awesome!


oh my freaking, holy cow!

EM! this is SO INSPIRING!!!! i have been feeling SO overwhelmed and this is SO PURE. it feels like real memories. I love you. :) e


Ooooo oooo oooo! I'm signed up for this class next weekend and it looks awesome! Can't wait to take it!

PROLIX from la Normandie

merci for sharin'!
yep, you're right!
be different!
it's our power!


{ThE freNcH tOuCh}

kerry : k8tykat

oh i love this. i think too many times scrappers get worried about whether their pages are "good" enough. i know as a beginner i got a little to caught up in the whole "products" make it better way of scrapping. sometimes they do [and i too love products] but it's not the important part, the memories are.

my favorite has to be the masking tape smacked right on a couple pages. i will definitly be doing one of these, especially since i can't come to one of your classes.


those are great!!!


Great album. Can't wait till you are here in Florida teaching us at RR. Signed up for all your classes last week.


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