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February 23, 2007


sarah the kiwigirl

Love, love love it!!!!


Oh, I wish I could take your class. When are you coming to Dallas! :) Thanks for sharing.


I never comment but I have to say I re-watch that movie all the time just for her scrapbook (lucky its a good movie)! It really is an awesome scrapbook! I also like what she does with the polaroid photos, how she prints the image on to the page- I want to learn to do that.

Your pages are gorgeous. I love your style!


Wow, Em, these are so cool - I wish I could do your 12 class. But I'm seriously looking forward to your classes at KiwiScraps - yay!!


Those pages are so wonderful. I am going to sign up for your class at Sweetpeas!
It's so funny you mention Kirstin Dunst and scrapbooking. I just wrote a post about the movie Elizabethtown and how Kirstin Dunst made this awesome scrapbook.
Could it be she is a big scrapbooker and tries to show her work in her movies?? hahaha


I really, really LOVE and adore your scrappy scrapbookstyle. Wish I could be free to do the same...
I'm working on it, and I too LOVE to get messy, paint and make my scrappy, imperfect pages. But for some strange reason I'm really hard on my self, when it comes to scrapbooking....Yes I LOVE my hobby and art and work but I somehow have a Idea It has to be perfect (for me). Yes I have to work on that one....embrace imperfection. ;)
Love your way of scrapbooking, em. ;)
You are so talented, and your pages are a joy to the eye and a great sourse of inspiration. :-)

Katie Jones

I wish you were teaching your classes closer to me! So I could take this. It's beautiful!

Dana Barbieri

You are really making me excited about scrapping again!! I was in a funk but these are just so great and so much more like my taste!! Great stuff!!


These are so cool Emily! I love them. I've been thinking a ton lately about my scraping and have been feeling a push to scrap more little everyday moments.


Those colors just make me so happy. I want to come over and look closer at those books. They look beautiful! That sweet sweet Ivy. Our little Falconfairy.


looks like a fab class em.....i lvoe the look of al those mini layouts put together...so cute!


Truly gorgeous!!! While I'm sad I can't attend the class, I'm glad to see what you have put so much love and effort into. Just amazing! Love it!


I love what you said about scrapbooking. Everything we do doesn't have to be so perfect. I love doing little projects like the books that you did.


WOW....i so can't wait to take your class next month!! Those pages are amazing..and I'm actually going to make them!! LOL!! I can't wait to play!


i just signed up for this class on Friday! I can't wait!!


oh i love this!...it is so free & true...i love to see emotion in the way pages are made:)


yeah it looks great, I wish I was going to Wellington to see you but its just not in the budget at the moment. Whenever I use paint on the background it never seems right, but maybe its just me.
Keep up the excellent inspiration I am doing your challenge just haven't posted them anywhere yet.

Michelle Gauthier

I can't wait to take this class Emily! See you in Massachusetts this weekend! :)


Not only do I LOVE that film but it was that that got me into scrapping! I keep hearing about the one in Elizabeth Town I keep meaning to check it out...Oh, and I also LOVE what you've done, v.groovy baby :D
Samm x

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