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February 22, 2007



It looks like the pleasantries outway the not so pleasant. Lots of love around you. A beautiful photo of your hump. LOL

island jen

awwww...baby bump...sooo sweet!! lucky you to have miss tara w. to record your bump!!

looks like i might be seeing you at ruban rouge in march...woo-hoo!


Oh Yeah.. 1/2 cooked.. cant wait to see this little one.. You look fabulous by the way dahrlink.. just fabulous.. hang in there..


love being 1/2 baked...you look beautiful! lucky girl to have such a talented friend...hey wait...you're not too shabby yourself miss creative! hope we get baby bump photos together...and have some yummy fish and chips together too! xoxo


Such a cute 1/2 way bump! Makes me clucky and DS is not yet 12 weeks old! Glad that you are enjoying your pregnancy...yay for no outdoor toilet!


The little bump is oh so adorable. You look amazing Ms. Emily!

kerry : k8tykat

what a loving portrait. xo.

beth j

the photograph is beautiful...you are one lucky girl!

Anna-Marie Still

Simply Beautiful!

candice stringham

What a cute baby belly! Love the picture! I'm glad that you get to go home for a visit, fullfilling pregnant cravings is of the upmost importance!

Kelly McCaleb

ooooo! love this post. i can't wait to be pregnant!
and good heavens, you had an outdoor toilet in aus???


awwww! How exciting!!! 1/2 way!!! I bet it'll go so quickly and soon you'll have a beautiful baby to hold!! Great photo of the bump too!!
Xx Jess


so adorable!!!...you look fabulous em!

Michelle Perry

Look at your cute little bump!

LOL @ the outside loo! Must be an Aussie thing!!



i love your lovely little hump... :)


Aawwwww beautiful bump! At least you aren't craving chalk like I did... And what a bonus not having an outdoor toilet, lol!


Such a lovely photo with beautiful colors...and lol you've got sweet and funny pleasantries and delights...Outside toilets...haha...well we actually have a few at our summerplaces...and I remember visiting someone when I was little in the middle of the city..and they were having kinda outside toilets (not really outside but they had to go out to the stairs and there were toilets at all the half-stairs kinda which were common for everybody living there...I remember it was kinda scary and weird having leave their apartments to go out to the toilet..scared that their neighbours might enter..cause I didnt dare to lock the door..hehe

Happy half-anniversary!


oh if i had only looked that well at the half way point! :) glad you're over the morning sickness bit.. that's awful stuff there! :)


beautiful photo sadly i looked larger than that before both my pregnancies:(

Lisa W

beautiful pic - congrats! You're half way there


very nice little bump there E!
and I'm so glad to hear that you don't have outdoor plumbing. I was a little worried for a minute there! ;)


What a sweet, sweet picture!

The positives greatly outweigh the negatives it seems ;) Congrats!


What a sweet, sweet picture!

The positives greatly outweigh the negatives it seems ;) Congrats!

Lene S

Time flies! :o) Sounds like you are enjoying the pregnancy for the most of the time.....I almost envy you ;o) Your bump is just CUTE!!



i am cracking up that it was not until the 11th commentor that anyone remarked on the fact that outdoor toileting was even a consideration!
glad you are doing your toilet business indoors and enjoying your pregnancy.

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