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March 04, 2007


Lusi Austin

WOW Em! This is so great! What a friend huh! Wouldn't it be so great if everyone could say they had a 'Chelsea'! I have a couple and I know I would be lost without their input into my life - my family, my faith, my heartaches....
Great colours on the card and love that crown!
Have a fab week!
Lus x


Hi Em,
I met you Friday night at the RAH crop and Love card class. Thanks so much, it was fun... I loved pass the parcel too. I think I should do that at my daughter's next birthday party.
I have been such a 'traditional' scrapbooker. One who colors inside the lines. Taking a class with you showed me how to think outside the box a bit and look at scrapping in a new way. Thanks again, and you are inspiring me to try some new things.

deb munn

Hi em!!
Glad you are home safe and sound.
Had so much fun with you and Chelsea... she is such a sweetie! So glad you two got to spend some time face to face.
Hope you find some time to slow down and rest up this week!
Thanks for a great day em!!


glad you are home and had a great weekend! thinkin' of you sweet one! xoxo


Great card - love your inspired by card! How sweet, even though you are 'waffling' (Hee - love that word!) ;)

I finally got my week 8 up! http://solitaryheron.wordpress.com

Also, glad to hear you had a great time in Boston! :) Can't wait for pics!

Becca Coppin

Aww I love your card so much!!! The crown is way cute :)

I just got mine posted from the past 3 weeks!! Thanks again for the fun challenges :)


beth j

hi there...so glad you had a wonderful time in mass. it sounds like everyone had fun by the comments already posted. that's awesome!here is my week 9 card that i just finished. http://bethjohnson5.blogspot.com
enjoy your week being back home!

sarah the kiwigirl

Having been loving all your cards, but I think this one has to be my favourite!

Mary Ann

I'm just getting my feet wet in blogland, but have been checking yours out for awhile. Dig it! Where do I find inspiration? Right here!


love your cards!!
Thanks for the exciting prompts!! Looking forward to doing week 9! im running a little behind.. just finished week 8!
Xx Jess



I love your card Emily! Great crown. I have been waiting all day for this, so here's mine!

Rachel Whetzel

OK. Here it is! And I just want you to know that it's 2:25 AM pacific time. I couldn't SLEEP until I got this card out of my HEAD! Thanks so much for the great inspiration! (no, I didn't put YOU on my card! LOL)

Lisa W

Good mornig Emily! Great prompt this week. I wanted to link you to our challenge at My Favorite Memories - the ladies have created some awesome cards! Thanks for the inspiratin!!



Love this promt, Emily.
I'm going to make my card for last week and this one now...have had some busy days....
But, anyway..Love this challenga. ;-)



Ah finally other people out there who get how great my sister in law is! She's fab! So glad you go to meet her...wish I could have been there too. Imagine my shock today when I saw her on your blog!!!!


I have two weeks to share (as i've been home in NZ)


have a fab week!

Brandy Seitz

I am a little late getting started, but I have to say that it was nice to just create for me. Pure inspo on your site for sure. You can view my "Little Pieces of Me" book on my blog! Thanks for the fantastic challenges!


Here is my take on this week's challenge. Great prompt!



Hi Emily...

Here is my card...I took your classes at RAH as well and was totally inspired. So inspired I used them as the basis (and what I learned) on the card this week.

Thanks for taking a peek!




great card as usual!
Go ahead and waffle. I love it!
I had a dream that you cropped at my LSS and I missed it. I was mad for 2 days!


Great promt. Had a day-off, so I was able to make my card right away!!
You can find it here:


An unexpected day off work due to poorly child - used the time constructively - heres my interpretaion of week 9.


Here is my week 9. Along with what I have journaled about for this card, I am inspired by all of you! Keep it coming folks...


Hi Em! Great that you made it home safetly. Thanks for a great class on Sat afternoon. I was fun..and thanks to Chelsea as well. She defintely is one in a million. Hope you can come back for more clases after the little one is born and we can continue our talk on our fabulous dreads LOL!!!

Patty S

week 9.......

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