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March 11, 2007



this is awesome! i love the flower!


this is a wonderful prompt this week.
getting that rest/meditation time can be
a challenge but oh so rewarding. :)
enjoy and feel better soon.
great little layout this week!


Adorable card!!!Girl, take it easy - seriously :)

Smoggy freeway = blechy, so see if you can borrow or buy a good air filter for your home. I know it may sound silly, but it helps lots of people who live in poor air quality areas...good luck and relax! :)

tara w

this is my favorite card yet.
its definitely the dot pattern. definitely.

candice stringham

Super cute card! I hope that you feel better soon though!

beth j

emily...your card is great! hope you feel better soon and get to rest a lot this week! here is my week 10 card. http://bethjohnson5.blogspot.com. thanks for checking it out!

Amy Kyle-Percy

Hi Guys, I'm Caught Up!!! WOOHOO! It feels soo good to acually be caught up and able to really think about this weeks challenge. So...here is my Week 9 card. I'm not to crazy about the way it turned out, I had MUCH higher expectations for it. But, there are parts of it I DO like. I hope you guys like it. Here's the link to it...

I am soo anxious to see what everyone comes up with for Week 10's card (Em, I LOVE your card!). I saw the prompt and said "Oh No!" because I am HORRIBLE about doing things I NEED to do for myself. I tell myself things over & over & over in my journal but half the time I NEVER do them OR do them and stop a bit later. So HOPEFULLY this will help me stick with it. In case you're wondering (if you've looked at my pic and/or bio on my blog I'm sure you already know this) I am talking about my weightloss efforts. It truly is a BATTLE. Anyway...I better shut up & get off of here. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Take Care & Happy Creating,

Amy Kyle-Percy

Oh, and I forgot to say...


Hope you get to feeling better & DO Take Care of Yourself!

GB Hugs,


love the flower. Your work is such an inspriation. Hope you get to feeling better. I'm really wanting one of those card kits. I am still behind. lol, but we just go forward and try not to look back. :)


This week's prompt? So easy for me! :) http://woolforbrains.blogspot.com


love the card, the repitition of circles really co-ordinates it, the flower is very funky, love the pink stuff. my pregnant sis is'nt resting enough either. try to lie down and watch a few movies.

Rachel Whetzel

THANK YOU!!! I had SO MUCH FUN with this one!


Hi! I have not made this weeks card yet, I live in Sweden and it is morning here now. But I will start with it just after my breakfast! My husband and I have made a homepaige for me and my Art Journal challenge... it is in swedish cause I have difficult to feel the same for the english language, it is easier and more powerful for me to use my own language.... But if you want to look at it, the address is

Thanks for this challenge it is a very big source of inspiration... I love monday mornings nowadays. :-D


Thanks Emily for this prompt. Maybe I'll actually do what I needed to do now. You better too. I'm going to bring you dinner one night this week so you can relax more. I owe you anyway, my girls can't stop talking about feeding the bunnies and the chicken laying an egg at Ivy's school. Thanks for taking us. I'll call you about dinner. :) ANyway, here's my card for the week.


Hope you'll feel better soon...
check out what I am doing when I am sick:

Will work on card #10 in my bed :)

Lene S

Oh so sorry to hear you are not feeling well! Hope you will get better REAL soon! Love your card, the flower is awesome!!

Have a nice day, Em!


Hi Emily.
I really hope for you to get better soon.
Rest, do things you love, find a way to get happy and healthy....and your new baby will be a happy, healthy baby too. ;-)
I have lived near a trafficjam as well, and I found the best way for me to feel ok about it was to buy flowers and greens....I even had a tree inside my tiny apartment...it helped clean the air and made me feel happy. ;-)
Hope you find your way, Em.
Love your card this week.
Hugs, hugs, hugs


cool card Em .... love the handmade flower.
Mine is here


enjoy your week :-)


Oh! This is so cute! I love that flower! I hope you have a lovely week RESTING!

I have finally caught up on all my cards... they are all here @


xx Siany


Love your card. The flower was so cool. I hope you feel better soon. Wishing you a peaceful and happy week. :) Rita


Hope you get well soon Emily!
Been sick for a few days too and still not feeling well! But seeing your challenge make me feel a little bit better for today and I already made the card. You can see it at http://jeanettiemessen.blogspot.com


Just had to pop in again to say:
I posted the three cards for this last weeks on my blog. & I totally LOVED this weeks prompt. ;)


Another great prompt!
I coudl of chosen lots of things to be my reminder, there are so many lol.
But this is what I came up with.


here's my week 10 :)


Thanks for this weeks prompt Emily, I needed it!! You can find it here http://dutchie-in-canada.blogspot.com/2007/03/art-journal-challenge-10.html
And girl, take care of yourself ok!

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