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March 11, 2007



i have finished mine =)


Actually did this one on time, i'll catch up later!


Your card looks sooooo beautiful! Love love love the flower. Hope you find time for yourself this week.

Here's my challenge. I'm a bit late, but week 9 is also in the same post here:



I just thought I would let you know that I have decided to do this too.....I havent started yet though so will be majorly behind but hey it seems a whole lot of fun. It is a fantastic idea


I've been playing along with the challenges by haven't linked before. Here are my efforts for Jan:


Melissa Goodsell

hi Emily, I love your challenge and have just joined in :O) I'm slowly catching up, 5 cards down so far :O)
Mel (Tasmania, Aust)

Rebecca Geach

Dear Ems
Here are quite a few of your challenges I have done recently, a lot of them relate to my pregnancy, and so I had to wait until we announced it before I posted them, here they are:

#6 LOVE LOVE LOVE… http://rebeccageach.blogspot.com/2007/03/eajc-week-6.html

#7 SHOES, I just happened to be sorting through a box of baby clothes/items... and this is what I came up with: http://rebeccageach.blogspot.com/2007/03/eajc-week-6.html

#8 I MISS Breastfeeding… this card is my favourite so far, I just love my little angel’s hand and how tiny she is… cluck cluck cluck. My new pregnancy is making me totally clucky *grin* and reminiscent. {if you cant tell!!} http://rebeccageach.blogspot.com/2007/03/eajc-8-i-miss.html

# 9 INSPIRATION FOUND… everywhere and with Ali Edwards. http://rebeccageach.blogspot.com/2007/03/eajc-9-inspiration-found.html

#10 NOTE TO SELF… I wish I didn’t compare so much of this pregnancy to my experience with Mikaela…

Bx aka ~Bek – Aussie Chick~


i love this challenge and i`m going to make them to , but i just started this week and have 3 done and hope to cath you al in .
it`s really fun to make them and you also learn about yourself , just great .

i post mine 3 cards on my blog , hope to see you there .

lots of love Roos
from holland


week 10???!!!! i'm loving my little stack thus far...so cool! here's my latest addition: http://gigikennedy.typepad.com/littlegi/2007/03/deck_of_meweek__1.html

hope you are able to take it easy, feel well & have a nice quiet week! xoxoxo - gigi


I have decided to start (yes, I am behind) your challenge. I just finished my first card of what I am proud of. I have some serious catching up to do. Thanks for the inspiration... your stuff is awesome!



Hey Em just finished off Week 10.


Only 40 days or so until we scrap in Australia!! Wooo hoooo.... bring on the fish n chips.

Amy Kyle-Percy

OK girls, don't faint when you hear this...I actually FINISHED MY CARD BEFORE SUNDAY! For those of you still standing and able to click on the link to check my card out...here it is


It is a bit of a "dark" card but it fits my emotions lately as well as the topic & emotions of my note to myself. I hope you like it anyway.

Em, I hope you are feeling better and that you, Miguel & family are having a great weekend. I know your post sure gave me a good laugh for the day. HEHE.

Take Care & Happy Creating,


I finally finished this... just in time to check out as many as possible before we start week 11!


Love your post for the 16th, Emily! What a great/funny guy!

Trude Julie

I've finally updated my blog with the cards for weeks 7 to 10, you can see them here http://parentesfantomet.blogspot.com/2007/03/deck-of-me-7-to-10.html

Susan Gilman

love the orange (inspired me to stick with a cheery color!) and DOTS and the flower....hope you are feeling tip-top again...still catching up! Almost there!

Jolanda V

I did it too. Have to write to myself more often......

You can find it here:


Thank you for this prompt - I did contact my friend. We are now exchanging emails regularly.

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