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March 11, 2007


jennifer davis

Love your card Emily and just wanted to share my FAVORITE tea in the whole world with you...it's called Mighty Leaf tea and it is SO calming and smooth, thought you may want to give it a chance to help you relax a bit this week. My favorite is the African Nectar.


Looking forward to doing my card this week!


Please take care of yourself Emily, you're the only one you've got x.
P.S. Loved the prompt.


Note's Done!



Here's my week 10, really enjoyed making this.

Sue McG

I'm way behind on my journal, not stressing on that though. I recommend Aussie wonder foods for your recovery - hot (or cold n crunchy) Milo, Vegemite toast or a Vmite sandwich with some added cheese and tomato, salads with super fresh veggies and funky dressings, fresh fruit salad - lots of vitamins there for you and the bub! (and a little bit of home comfort too).

Hope you're feeling better soon :)


Can't wait to start with this one! Your card is so cute, love the polkadot paper and that gorgeous flower!
And for this week (and the next, and well then ok the one after that too) i wish you lots of moments to rest and meditate...
i did a little catching up: i uploaded cards 4-8 on http://scrappersparadise.web-log.nl/
Take care of those moments Emily!


Gah Em! Get better & do take care of yourself - esp in your state! :) Thanks for the weekly challenges though - your flower is so supercute! :) Here's mine, boring this week but ohwell: http://aniia.blogspot.com/2007/03/im-blue-da-ba-dee-da-ba-die.html

Patty S

here ya go!.....


simply beautiful, as always em....
get better, ok?
love you!


This one came to me so easily...and as always so much fun!!

Anna-Marie Still

Gotta find time to do these - seriously! I LOVE the fabric flower! You never cease to amaze! Hope you find your feel better mojo soon! Have a great day!

jennifer davis

Here is mine for week 10:


This project has been such a wonderful gift of taking time for me and for reflecting, thanks!

Lusi Austin

WOWSERS EM!!!!Love that card :) Hope you get some good rest soon. I love in Psalm 23 how God says He MAKES me lie down in green pastures!!!! I need some lying in the ol green pastures too i reckon. ANyway, my card from last week is here at: http://whatver-lusi.blogpost.com/ Last weeks was my fave card so far so I just can't wait to tackle this week's prompt. Thanks again for doin this!
Lus x


Hope you're feeling better as well!

Here is a link to my card:




I hope you are resting up!


What a great card and prompt. Love the flower.
Here is my take on this weeks.



Hi Emily, I love your card and the stamp!! I really like the idea of writing a note to myself. So here is the note frome me to me ;)


Love your card Em decided to use yours to inspire mine today here it is,


OK! I'll try the tofu! Ha! You go take a nap! Here are 9 and 10! http://pinktearoses.blogspot.com/

I am still hugely enjoying this! Thanks!


Your card is great! I love the promt for this week. and I got inspired of your stamp, so I had to use mine ;) now I have posted my two latest cards on my blog

I hope you feel better soon!! Big hug!!


Done for this week and put it up here:


Off to check out everyone else's! TFL-Kim


Your card is awesome Emily! Love the polka dots!!

Here's my card for this week:


Xx Jess


I like your challenge and I'm doing it in my slow pace.. I did this weeks card about remembering that God loves us.
Blessings for your new baby!

deb munn

Hope you feel better soon em. I knew that cough didn't sounds so good last weekend.
Sending you happy healing vibes!!

It's Not Easy Being Green

Here is mine! TFL!


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