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March 18, 2007



so cool as always! Glad your having a nice Sunday!

Amy Kyle-Percy

WOOHOO! It's here! LOL, am I a dork or what? I've been waiting for the new prompt all day, LOL. This is gonna be a fun one! LOVE your card Em! It is SOO COOL! I've never tried the technique you used for your background. ANOTHER new thing I'm gonna have to try. Glad to hear you got some rest this week. Hope you, Miguel & the fam had a great weekend & have a good week.

Take Care & Happy Creating,

P.S. I LOVED your post of Ivy's pics. It's soo cool to see how all kinds of different people view the world. She's definitely got a creative eye for things. Thanks for sharing.


So excitied- but I still have to start/finish week 9! AHHH! (Love that technique-may have to try it) ;)


Ooh I love this challenge!! I have several initials as I go by my second name (Siân). I LOVE the way youve put the photo behind the 'e'. And I LOVE your name!!

xx Siany


wow this is probably my favourite card of yours, this is really great.


That's awesome! *searching for masking tape...*

Anna-Marie Still

Beautiful as always - I really need to just start this process & not put pressure on myself that I have to go back from the begining and catch up. (I've always been a few cards short of a whole deck anyway!) HEE!HEE!

The Queen Of Cute Shoes

Oh I really like this one!!! Thanks for the idea!


I love this one! So much, that I already finished mine...take a look! Thanks for all the inspiration, Emily!

Rebecca Geach

Em's seriously... you need not apologise for resting... YOU ARE PREGNANT.
I am only 13 weeks pregnant and I think you are amazing to be holding classes and flying all over the world.

I have much more energy now... but STILL - I think you are a bit of a *supawoman*

Here is my card for this week:

And I was going to share soon about how I made the box.. I will just show you at KiwiScraps... I think it will end up being to small by the end of the year.

Take care of you and your clan.


forgot to leave my link!!




Done: http://jakobsmamma.blogg.se/scrappar/



Hi Em.
Love your card!
Blue is definately my color! :-)
Strange. it allways makes me happy and inspiered when I see something beautyful blue....
Anyway, the idwa of using my letter G is really inspiering mel Looking foreward to play, and make my weekly little artjournal. :-)

Have a nice day.


This was a great prompt this week - I find I'm hanging out now on Monday's to find out what the latest is - thanks for sharing this fab idea Emily!
Here's my link :



ooooo what a great prompt .
i started last week with this challenge and got 4 done , hope to make the last 7 today .


This was my *favourite* card of yours (so far) and my *favourite* prompt of yours (so far) too!!! Love it!!

Thanks for the great challenges!!

here's my link: http://jessykummer.blogspot.com/


Mine is done ... thanks again Emily. hope you are feeling well (cute tummy shot, you look so cute)



Glad to hear you are getting the rest you need :)
My card for this week..



Really loved your card this week! Mine is posted on my blog here:


Loved all the shots Ivy took. My dd got a digi cam for Christmas and you've inspired me to get on the ball and upload all those shots! TFL.

Rachel Whetzel

Sheesh. It was late when I got this done, and I FORGOT to come here and put the link! LOL http://minetothine.blogspot.com/2007/03/week-11-deck-of-me.html


Really nice card Emily.
Here´s my card this week. http://elinapeters.blogspot.com/search/label/Art%20journal%202007


I like your card for this week!! Had to start with it right away! Here it is;
Don't you all love to see all the different cards?? Well,..... I DO!



I finally finished card 10 and are already sketching for card 11...just wait and see...

beth j

your card is really cool. i'm going to try that technique soon. thanks for sharing.
here is my number 11 card:

Trude Julie

That's such a cool card.
Here is mine: http://parentesfantomet.blogspot.com/2007/03/deck-of-me-11.html

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