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March 18, 2007



I just started this week with this art journal challenge and I love it!
I just posted the first two challenges at my blog! I hope I can find some time this week to make the rest!
Love it you are doing this! Thank you!


Yeah! Another great challenge. Here is mine for the week.


Tracie H

Fab technique Emily....loved it when you taught it here in the UK last year and have used it lots since.
My week 11 is done and dusted....tis on my blog if you wanna take a peep.

Ronda P.

So love, love, love the feel of your card. So artsy so graphic...Way to cool! Here is my card for the week.


Great card and cool prompt!! Here's mine:

have a nice day!


oooh - i love how the shape of
your eye makes up the counterspace
of the e. great card as always.


LOVE this one!! Esp cause people ALWAYS comment on my longass name....Ive got six initials..haha...THANKS for this one! Think I'll make a BoM layout about this too - thanks for the brilliant idea! :) And I must say you never cease to impress with your cards....little artworks...awesome! Wish you a good and healthy week - until next time :)



Yay! I am finally caught up on all my weeks!


Thanks Em! Take care of you and little falconbridge 3.5

Much love <3


You made it hard for me this week, last week I put a BIG m on my front of the card... and I had to think twice how to make this card different. But I did it. And I translated it from swedish into english too. Maby you can understand me now? My english is bad, sorry about that.


I think you infected me throu the internet... I have been SO tired for some days now... yawn! ;-)
I hope you will get some more rest. Take care!

Lene S

Hi Em! And all you great inspiratonal woman out there! I love this. And I love your card Em. Your eye trough the "e"...All of those cool techniques u master so brilliantly! Sigh... We learned some of them from u in Paris last year, and both Gudrun and I use them a lot! Thanks!

My card this week is simply sanded paper and rub ons. The letter L is cardstock. CanĀ“t have time to "do it the hard way" everytime ;o)



Fabulous card thanks for the inspiration.
I am keeping up quite well & am really chuffed to see so many other peoples creations taking shape.


It's Not Easy Being Green

Here is mine! Thanks!



I love your card! So cool with your eye in your initial!! Love it!!

It's so fun doing this challenge! I have posted my card for this week on my blog :)


I'm a little behind! Here's my week 9 card:



fun challenge!!

have posted on my march 21st blog entry http://kelzfowler.blogspot.com/


here's my card for this week. Had so much fun, as always. Your card was awsome, love it. And still loving the challange. Thanks for loads of inspiration. :)



I'm loving the challenges! Thanks for the inspiration! I was wondering what cardstock you typically use when you are painting backgrounds. I'm pretty sure it's Bazzill, but do you have a preference on the texture? I took your class at Scrapbook Oasis and won the drawing. My entire family absolutely LOVES the album you made for us! Could you remind me of the brands of paints that you especially like? Only the ones available here in the US, though! :)
Thanks Emily!


slowly getting there.
This is week 3


Very cool. I really should start doing this.


OK! All caught up now :-)

Week 9 http://playcreateshare.typepad.com/photos/52_card_challenge/week9.html

Week 10

Week 11


I had a hard time this time - I think I lost my mojo and my ideas but I love your idea - maybe I have to find an extra card some day and renew my entry- LOL


So many beautiful initials! Here is mine!http://pinktearoses.blogspot.com/

Can't believe this is #11!


Just popped in to say: Yeah, I really loved this prompt. If you want to take a look my card is now out on my blog. :-)



I know this isn't really the place but I'm desperate!! Lots of you have funky headers on your 'blogspot' blogs & i want one too!! I have read thru the how to pages but it is waay too technical for me. Can anyone help....

Emily sorry for my non scrap comment but I couldn't think of anywhere else to ask! I am loving the challenges & will load them up when my beautiful camera comes back from the repairer - I am refusing to go back to my $80 kodak easyshare!!! My 13 year old daughter Jarrah is doing the challenges with me which is great becuase at the mo she is wanting to break away from me & do her own thing. It's the hard part of your kids getting older - you are no longer the most important or most popular person to them. If anyone wants to look at my 'family life' blog (or my boring header)it is
I will add my scrap blog when I have loaded up the pictures of my cards.


I have FINISHED week 11 AND all the previous weeks AND uploaded the whole lot to my blog! Now I just need a little lie-down in a darkened room - except it's 5pm and I haven't made the bed yet!!

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