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March 24, 2007


Ashley Schultz

Seeing those Aussie treats makes me miss it (I used to live there too). Tim Tams...yum! Glad you're having fun!

Chelsea Parsons

ohhh I miss you!!!!!


...how special Em...Lisa looks like a wonderful gal to do all that for you...so sweet & fun too ! looks like a class to remember !


the outback! ha!
that's pretty good.
where does one buy a croc shield?


HI Em! Still missin' you up here in Massachusetts! I was tellin' Chelsea that I FINALLY put my neck strap on my camera that I bought from you when you were here in Mass. at RAHS.
Glad to hear you are havin' fun!


you lucky old fruit - florida and ozzie treats? soak it up Emily - you deserve it xx Hope youa re carrying well xx

stacey fike

hmmmm...do you think i could talk the hubs into a side trip next month when we go to ft.lauderdale???? that store looks awesome and i love the aussie theme!!


Cool! How fun is that - what a cool store owner to go above and beyond like that for a guest. Just awesome :)

Have a great time!!! P.S. those bloomin' onions are awesome, although I'm not sure how true Aussie they are ;)


lol! how sweet is she? I enjoyed these photos

Elsie Flannigan

i am jealous!!!! have FUN! :)


I just LOVE those red t-shirts!!!!!

Rebecca Geach

Now THAT looks like the perfect fun crop night !!
Wish I were there!
Alas I will just have to wait for KS... only a few weeks to go!
Bek :-)

Roni Hunt

WE had so much fun at RR this weekend. Emily, you are the greatest and made the classes so stress free. I've already completed my January & Feb. pages of my twelve book! Hope you got a good night's sleep and have a safe trip home to your Miguel and Ivy.
Roni :)

Jeannie Towle

I just loved your class at RR. I had so much fun and you are a very inspring, talented young lady. I hope you will come back to teach us again.



Mmmmm Yum - cherry ripe...

Rebecca Shelor

Em, glad to have met you and shared in your creativity. I hope you come back to us soon! I'm sure you're glad to be home with your M and I.
thanks again so much...


I live only a few minute from Rouban Rouge; my favorite store.
And yes, lisa is a fabulous person (so is the store)!
Hope you enjoyed your stay in Florida.
I enjoy your blog.

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