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March 15, 2007


Melissa H

hey em - after seeing Ivy got this for Christmas, i thought Ella would LOVE one for her birthday so i got it on ebay. i wasn't wrong - i only gave it to her 2 days ago and she has taken over 200 photos -ahhh, a girl after my own heart!!! lol!!


These are just way too cute!


Wow Ivy, you made great pics.....!! Well done girl!!


move over tara whitney..haha !!


Gotta love the view on life through the eyes of a 4YO! Very cute baby bump going on there.


Oh my gosh.. these so made me smile.. I loved seeing the world through Ivy's eyes.. brilliant

tara w

i was just thinking-im going to go on posting strike until emily posts on MY BLOG but i wont be that childish. :)
i love you i love your belly i love your kid i love your apartment.


My son Sam loves my "new""used" digital camera. And he loves taking pictures of himself as well. So funny!

I have a question for you, have you ever used jean material on your scrapbook page?
I had a pair of jeans the zipper broke and I decided to cut up the material and use it on a page. You are so creative, I thought I might ask you how you would use it!


So awesome to see the creativity of little ones.

(And we've run out of tp before payday several times-we use napkins-so I feel ya there!)



Catherine Feegel-Erhardt  (Memory Maker Master  2007)

Ivy... Great Job girl!
Keep it up!
Love your work.
I will share with my daughter, Eva... You two would C L I C K for sure!
Mrs. Erhardt (a wonky friend of your mum's)

Emily... great job mom!
keep it up!
Love your work!

Julie Ratcliffe

Lovely lovely pictures Ivy. Great job!

Emily, I love your picture frame made from a window. Brilliant idea. Way to recycle.



How awesome are those pics!! And I just realized you live in the same apartment complex as my best friend. She is a grad student at UCLA, and God knows how many times I have been there...too funny!!

Sally M

These photos are fantastic Ivy. You should borrow Mummy's scrapbooks supplies, and scrap them ;)


These pictures are sooo nice!!! :D
My 3 year old girl also loves to take pictures with our camera, most of them are of her toys. :D
I think I´ll have to select some to put up on my blog too.
Hugs Kicki

Annie Adams

Those are precious. thanks for sharing.

Megan W

WOW those pics are awesome ivy little pro in the making,, how big is that little bump now????


Love the baby myself! My DD has one just the same and she goes EVERYWHERE!!!! Love to see it elswhere!!!

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