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March 15, 2007


PROLIX from la Normandie

Félicitations Ivy!!!
I never saw so much magnificent pics at this moment!
I like her fresh regard on life and her original way to crop landscapes & people.
Maybe Ivy you are launching a new trend, who knows???

I love it. Trop mignon.

Merci for sharing.

grosses bises*

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Roni Hunt

Ivy has quite the eye!! My grandkids love the camera as well! And I love letting them use it just to see their persepective. Those are my fav pix! Get scrappin', Ivy!


You look so cute! and Ivys photos are very choice. Even if you have only one tree to look at, it is a very nice looking tree.Kaya has toys like Ivys baby that i try to make 'go missing' but they seem to always come back


Hey Ivy! Great Job! Really liked your magic garden. A friend gave me a magic Christmas tree and it was so fun to watch grow and then decorate. I had never seen one before. Yours is gorgeous.


great pictures!My kids love to commandeer my camera...I will download pix that I don't remember taking, and realize that it was them. So funny!

Anna-Marie Still

Wow Ivy - I love all the great photos you took! Thanks for sharing them with us!


these are totally her view of the world.
they are so cool. and how great that she
has her own camera? fun.

Rebecca Geach

Oh Ems... these are gorgeous.
When I got my 30D I gave my old point and shoot Olympis digital to Mikaela {6yrs}, and like Ivy... she is TOTALLY obsessed by taking photos.

As you say its great to see what is SO important to them NOW.

I love the view they have, the angles and composition... just very kewl.

REALLY looking forward to seeing you in Sydney... with our "matching" baby bumps!

Take care


How fantastic are Ivy's photos :)


I LOVE the toilet paper shrine..lol! a woman sure does miss the paper more than a man..he's got a great sense of humour..and terrific photos from the young miss, love those magic gardens, my kids have had several.


yes the "tp shrine" is quite a masterpiece... glad i'm not the only one thats had to resort to paper towel once in a while! he he!! :)

stacy benintendi

oh those pictures are so sweet and i am so loving your little belly.


Isnt it amazing how most of those pics are quite clear!! I guess she understands that importance of a steady hand! lol Very cute pics!! Nice one Ivy!! xx

Kate {craftykitten}

Gorgeous pics. Well done Ivy!


Fantastic pics, Ivy! Loving the self-portraits. She's already a MySpace gal then? LOL

Lene S

You are an excellent photographer, Ivy! So fun to watch the world trough your eyes!
A great idea by the way. Think I have to lend the compact to the girls more often...

Chelsea Parsons

Hattie has the same baby and managed to swap her filthy one at Nursery for a bran spanking new clean one exactly the same!!! So I'm quite happy to hold onto it for a while longer.


Ivy what a great photo collection you have! Is'nt it great when kids snap away, phew for digital cameras! I just wanted to ask... how often do you do your challenges???

beth j

yay ivy!


Ivy your photos are fantastic!! Thank you for sharing them with us and keep them coming! What an amazing little girl you are! :)


WONDERFUL photos Ivy!! My girls do the same thing, THOUSANDS of self portrait silly faces, usually seeing directly up their noses...heehee I just printed a bunch of them out...I'm sure the developer thought I was nuts...because I too love to see the world through their lens!

The Queen Of Cute Shoes

She did such a great job!!! It's is so amazing to see how her little eyes view things, thanks for sharing! She did a wonderful job!


What a great job, Ivy! :) Can't wait to see your volume #2 photos :)

Just lovely photos - how amazing to be able to see the world through Ivy's eyes! These are precious...even the 30+ ones that are the same!

P.S. What a lovely photo of your tum! I can't believe how fast time has gone...wow!


oh how cute!!! thats so special that you've given her the freedom to capture whats special to her!!
Great shots ivy!!

Danielle Nilsson

OMG this is soooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!

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