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March 13, 2007



hey, Canada is way closer to me than LA! I would come for a visit!!

kelly mccaleb

so any interviews set up in utah????? we have waldorf now, ya know...


Hey, Toronto is only 2 hours away from me, near Niagara easy to cross the border..... and you know what? I live here for 9 months now (moved from Holland) and I think it's a great country!! Imagine what classes you could give here,the wonderful people you get to meet! But.... I understand what your going through... I've had the same feelings for a long long time!
Take care!!


how excitingly scary

Ellie Arsenault

oh my word. toronto is frighteningly cool. i live there you know ;o)

And really, the public transit system here is a breeze.

And the scrapbooking stores are pretty good too :)

Good luck with your journey, wherever it takes you!


Ack! But we haven't even had a chance to HANG OUT yet! Hold still for a minute, woman! : )


The limbo part is the pits! You'll feel so much better about it when you know something! Maybe we should compare notes! Best wishes to you and yours!


...oh, but we'd love to have you visit us up here for a wee bit...

beth j

i'll keep you in my thoughts.


canada rocks!! ii moved from the UK to Edmonton and love it :)

Elisabeth C

We would LOVE to have you here in Canada!!!


We would so love to have you in Canada!!!!
Hope your feeling better!

Heres my cards!
Thanks Emily so much for doing this! I find myself itching to see the next prompt by weeks end! Thanks again,


i understand how you feel torn. my dad was in the air force for 25 + years and we moved all the time. As an adult with 2 of my own, i want to be able to give my kids "roots." But if the right opportunity arose, we'd be out of here. good luck!


It's very disruptive to be moving to different countries but it's very exciting too. And if you enjoy new experiences (and you know you do) then now is probably the best time for you.

In 8-10 years from now you'll start to be concerned about eduactional stability for Ivy and that will cramp your opportunities. So make hay whilst the sun shines (they do make hay in Canada don't they?).


I think that's fantastic! Personally speaking it would not be good for my soul (or sanity) to be living in L.A. This will be a great thing, you'll see :D

Anna-Marie Still

I'm praying for peace in your heart! It will work out - it always does, doesn't it!


Good Luck with whatever path life has in store.

Just wanted to share a link with you and I didn't know how to contact you any other way - hope this is okay.

When I lived in the UK I missed hearing new Australian music - you may have contacts but thought I would share this anyway.....

You can also check them out at youtube....


I hope you enjoy....


hey baby! i am still pullin for SAC or BERK!!! love you lots... you are on my mind!

The Queen Of Cute Shoes

Aww well I am sorry that you have to move! I hope that it isn't far and that you will be able to continue posting on your blog! Enjoy your trip and I hope all the best for you! From one mormon to the other! :)

Danielle Nilsson

OMG I'm only 3.5 hours from Toronto!!!! I love the place :D You will absolutely adore it there :D

I do hope that everything works out for the best for you and your family!!!!


Oh Em so much for you guys to think about. Good luck with whatever you decide. Just think of all these little adventures you are having.


Hi Em.
Your little Ivy is just the sweetest. Yes, It is the best ever to pick up one familymember at the airport after staying away for some days...I agree with her ;-)
I really understand you are torn..
It is exiting but also hard to move from place to place and even more between different countries.
I Wish you and your family the best, and I hope you'll move to Norway some day. ;-) lol
Fresh air, honest and kind people, beautyful nature, strange language...lol...(but we all understand and speak some sort of english. ;) )
Thinking of you, and wish you well.
Have a nice day!

Kirsty Wiseman

where ever you lay your hat baby xx
we are faced with choices of minnesota (cold), Brisbane (hot) or stay put in the uk (wet!!)
as long as we are together [ thats what matters mostly moo moo

jennifer davis

We just moved last summer, and while it wasn't to another country, it still was a challenge and difficult...but it's been good. A blessing really for us, and I hope that your move will be that as well. Somehow, I think that it will be and that it will be yet just another adventure you can tuck under your belt.

We're in northern Wisconsin...lot's of fresh air, clean water and trees....so many trees here! :) We also have a great Montessori school and lots of mama groups! :) Okay, that's my plug!

It will work out!


Hmmm...feeling the same! My husband will be starting grad school this summer in Michigan, Nashville, or Dallas...don't know for sure!

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