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March 16, 2007



Cheezy! And retro! :)


An ode to the man's man we all knew and loved in the 70s! Here's to hairy chests and handle bars!
Try not to think porn star, although my facial expressions make that pretty difficult...

Amy Kyle-Percy

LMAO! OMG! He got me laughing that's for sure! TOO FUNNY & CUTE!

Here's to Miguel (I have to say Mick, it's REALLY hard NOT to think Porn Star with that loo, LOL)!

Glad he got you out of your funk Em. Hope you're having a better day today.


candice stringham

Oh my gosh, totally made me laugh. Thank Miguel/mick for me. The pictures are even better with his comments!
Hope all is going well Emily! We are still waiting on fellowship news too. Good luck!


ok, this post was totally unexpected and extremely funny. thanks for sharing the laughs.

Anna Molina

Too too funny! How much does he love you to take the time to do that! He should have danced around in his underwear, too! LOL!

I am counting the days until you come to the Tampa Bay area. I cannot wait to meet you and the baby too!


too fun-ee

april haymore

Oh my gosh! I am sitting here at my computer BUSTING UP!!!!! THOSE are CLASSIC photos! Thanks for giving me such a GREAT LONG LAUGH!!!!


oh my gosh! I have to BEG Craig to NOT go out in public when he does something funky with his facial hair! It's so funny! Men.


that is one handsome stud you got there.
He looks like he could be in 'Blades of Glory' with Will Ferrell.
that just rocks!


Moo-ey Bueno Miguel...high-larious...
I have the same sort of guy who attempts to make me laugh when I am really irritated...and as much as he may need to be irritated at... I cannot keep it up for long..

Lusi Austin

LOL Oh that's hilarious!!! Love those photos and Ivy's ones too from your last post - so lovely that you are nurturing a love of photography and art in her at such a young age. My kids looooooove taking snaps too on the digi.
Lus x


HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, you guys have made my weekend. Miguel is spreading the joy world wide.


that is hilarious - so something my husband would do!!!!


Too funny, I'm sending the link to Ian right away... Thanks for the laugh you guys!


Somebody said cheesy? Am I the only woman who things handlebar mustaches are awesome? Okay, probably....but the pictures are pretty darn cute. Nice to know he's figured out how to make you laugh - sometimes that can be the hardest thing to do (my hub doesn't have it down yet!) :) I wonder what he'll do next to top this one? :)

Megan Spinks

Too funny Em. And Miguel you are one hot burrito!! ROFL!


fabulous! i can barely type i'm laughing so flippin' much!

stacy benintendi

um...that IS hilarious and good for you for laughing. if jeff did that i would just be mad that he tried to make me laugh while i was mad at him, i'm not kidding. i should probably give him some slack eh?


He is so going to be cast in the next Will Ferrell movie I am sure!

The Queen Of Cute Shoes

HA HA HA! Those are too funny! At least the guy knows how to get his girl to laugh!! How funny!

Rebecca Geach

Totally cracking me up.. that is so funny.
Men are funny!
Full stop!

tara w

miguel and jefe=manliest in all the land!!!


wot a spunk! i very much hope that he is also wearing flares & snake skin boots... that would be perfect!


You know if you took a look at my year 12 farewell photos, Mike would not be out of place. Trust me LOL

Love it:)

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