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April 01, 2007



Its so exciting to see my home flag being flown proudly!! Hope you have a lovely trip home!! Beautiful photo too!!

I'll put my card up soon! Been hanging all week for your next prompt! I think its a great idea that we can follow your prompts or use our own inspiration, but I just LOVE waiting for your beautiful cards!!


xx Have a great week!

Heather H.

This is going to be a tough one! I've always got so many things running through my head.


I LOVE all your fun stitching everywhere! That is a wonderful photo too. I'm so excited for you to go back home. I hope it's not too hard coming back to LA afterwards. I know just what I'll do for this week's prompt. As far as last week's I just finished it during conference today. :)


tara w

i love all the stringy bits hanging off!!!!
great prompt.


Been waiting all day for your challenge! Your's is a lovely card, it's very nostalgic.

This was a tough one for me.


Amy Kyle-Percy

Oh Em, I LOVE it! I LOVE all of the stitching! It frames your photo PERFECTLY! The card is SOO COOL & SOO YOU!!!

Enjoy your visit home!

Take Care & Hugs,

Rachel Whetzel

WOW. This one came at a perfect time! I've had a one track mind as of late!

beth j

good timing...my mind has been racing. enjoy your trip emily. here is my card. http://bethjohnson5.blogspot.com thanks for looking.


Gorgeous card, Em. Hope you have an amazing trip & I will get my card made tonight. Sadly work gets in the way of my crafting life!!

The Queen Of Cute Shoes

Oh I like this one... I really need to get going on my cards.

Judy in Carefree

Enjoy your trip home! Loved the chance to visit both NZ and AU during the month of February "06! Such good memories and friendly people. Also, I love your weekly card.


fab card again em love all the stitching and your pride off place flag off to think about mine. Have a great trip


fab card again em love all the stitching and your pride off place flag off to think about mine. Have a great trip


Great card Emily!
Oh i wish you such a good trip! Hope you will enjy all of it!
good luck with the waiting until then, CREATE!


Oh I love this - what a cool card - the stitching and colors and the photos - awesome!!!! So wonderful that you will be home soon!!!


Another beautiful card, Emily, and another great challenge ;) This one was easy for me, since I am leaving on a trip to Hawaii tomorrow and have had that on my mind A LOT lately! It's finished, but, I still haven't started last week's! I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do when I get home...


Beautiful card Emily.
Here is my card wishing you all a nice holiday.

Jolanda V

I decided to join in too. I made some cards and did this one too. The subject was just right for me. You can find it here:

The blogs for this challenge are bi-lingual.

Feel free to leave a comment.


cool idea ... am looking forward to seeing everyones cards!
mine is on my blog ...

enjoy your week


you must be SO excited to be coming back to OZ Emily!!! I hope you have a fantastic trip!!! Love your card!

Here is mine...

TFS everyone!!


Great prompt, I knew i had alot on my mind this week but writing it all down made it all too real.


hee-hee...i can't imagine Emily Falconbridge pre-dreadlocks! :-)

Love this prompt...I could fill a card or two with this right now!


I'm back on track! My week 13 card is here:


and my week 12 card over here:


I love how sometimes your prompt is taking me to a serious side of me (week 13) and sometimes to a funny side (week 12). Can't wait till the end of the 52 weeks and see them all finished. First quarter done, still love it!

And you must be so excited to go back home. I checked out the workshops you and the other girls are gonna teach, they look awesome! Hope you enjoy the trip, the feeling of being home again and all the things you're gonna do down under.


Hi girls!!! I'm always late, but my cards are here:



Love it! Here is mine!!!!
Great theme this week!!!!

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