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April 08, 2007



wasn't expecting this up yet know just what to do

Amy Kyle-Percy

Oh Emily, I am SOO EXCITED about the prompt for this week. I have some bird goodies I have been DYING to use AND one of my favorite things on earth right now is listening to all the birds chirp. I can't wait to make my card!

Happy Creating & Hugs,

Amy Kyle-Percy

Oh, I don't know how, but I forgot to tell you that I LOVE you card! GREAT job!



What an awesome card Emily! Love the bird!
The prompt is perfect for me this day! This morning I a woke up by the noice of a woodpecker, so I couldn't wait to start with my card!
You can find it here: http://jeanettiemessen.blogspot.com


I saw this awesome quote on another blog which is perfect for this challenge but I have to wait and check back to see if she uses it. Happy Easter Em, see you next weekend. I'm your TA for your very first class in Auckland + I get to take the class. Really looking forward to that.


Great card Emily, how do you come up with all these challenges!? Liked it, was nice and early for me this week! Here's mine;

flapsi hapsi

Great, and totally unexpected prompt - love the way you think. Started off thinking I'd try to use your mask idea but ended up with something totally different! Have done week 13 today as well so both on my blog
Have a fab time down under!

beth j

my week 14 card is done. hope you have a wonderful trip!


it is a habit now, even though I didn't even begin/start last weeks-i have been meaning to reallly realllly bad, and probably will as soon as I am done typing this. bye!


ahh perfect! THis is going to be a fun one!


Dear Falconbridge Family,
Happy Easter! I am in Houston with 4/5's of my family! Have not done a card since #12, but plan on catching up when I get back home! (Have to pick up some more cards first!) Love 13 and 14!


Hey there! I just came on board this challenge last week... but I was a dedicated student and I am caught up already! I AM LOVING THIS!!!!!
So, if you want to check out my cards (whenever you get around to checking out the cards!lol), you can find them in my 2peas gallery where I have an album dedicated to the deck!
or in my blog (which is in Portuguese, but the pictures are all there!lol):

Beijos from Brazil!
Mariana Perri


great card! i'll have to use that black paint this week - it just FEELS right!

Susan Gilman

Love this one! Couldn't wait to get this done-had just the right paper for it! (always about the paper with me...)
I think this is my FAVORITE so far...thanks for the inspiration, Emily!

Rachel Whetzel

I had such a geat time with this prompt! Thanks, emily! You have no idea how much you have inspired and empowered me to be who I am today. THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.



Great idea Emily!
My maiden name is a birds name, so will use that as my bird card! I think it will be that!

Great card!

Happy easter!



Beautiful card Emily.
Finished my card. http://elinapeters.blogspot.com/


Fabulous card Emily.
I do find making these is a well loved ritual. Far better than any diary entry.
Great prompt this week as I love birds & am a member of the RSPB.


Fantastic card Emily. This is mine.



Great card Emily :)

Here is mine for week 14:



Yeah. Have had to play catch up this week but so worth it! Loving this challenge!



Yeah! Just made my cards for this week (and week 13. :-)
I had a blast making my bird-card. Have been in love with peace-doves for a long time...so this was a perfect prompt. :-)


Love your card! And I love all the bird related supplies on the market as well. They're just so sweet and pretty.

Here is my card, thanks for taking a peek!



Mary Lib

Hi Emily. Hope you and your family had a Happy Easter. I finished my "I Am' book from your class at Ruban Rouge a few weeks ago and have had so many compliments on it. After trying the transfer on the cover a 2nd time it came out great. Such a fun time in that class and The Journey one.(I was the lady in the red, white and blue!)Hope you have a wonderful and safe journey and good family time over the next few weeks. Take care..


Here's mine for week 14, love the card Emily :)

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