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April 16, 2007



What a beautiful theme!! Love my parents, as Im sure most people do!!

Hope youre having an awesome time in NZ!!

xx Siany



Here my card for this week, never done it so it's not perfect, have to learn a lot but thought let give it a try ;), glad you like where you are, have a great time !...Enjoy the day , sweet greetings from Dani



sorry forgot to write the address down ;)


Great theme for this week. So nice to take the time to think and appreciate two important people in my life. Have a fantastic birthday! xoxo



Ooh, this weeks prompt is so great!! Just visit my parents yesterday and brought my camera with me!!
Love your card Emily! Mine is here: http://jeanettiemessen.blogspot.com


As a displaced Aussie in Oklahoma I am enviously imagining what delicious food you are eating.....sigh.....thanks for another great prompt.


I Love this weeks prompt, and your card is awesome!!

just posted the two latest cards on my blog.

Happy birthday to you!! :)


i also made it today and i loved it .
i also made week 13 and 14 .
they on my blog : www. fairyworld.web-log.nl

Melissa H

your card look great! happy happy birthday - i knew it was coming up, but couldn't remember the date! i hope you have a *wonderful* time and i can't wait to see you soon! (28 eh??? doesn't seem that long ago you were turning 25, you're on the downhill slide to 30 baby - and lovin' it!!)


Love your card Em, and Happy Birthday to you in your homeland!!
Did the card,had kind of a hard time thinking this week....but managed to put something together LOL
http://dutchie-in-canada.blogspot.com/2007/04/art-journal-challenge-15.html Here's where you can find it!


I love this weeks prompt.
My parents mean everything to me.
Here is my card:

Love your card and happy birthday to you :)
Hope you have a great week.


wow em i really love that card! i don't have any pics of my 'rents at the moment (sad! I know!) so i'm working on that. Here's the card I did for this week.



Em I hope you are having so much fun, it sounds like a great trip so far. I was thinking of you last week and I was so excited for you to get to go home. Have a great time. See you when you get back.

Melissa Au

I love your card! I couldn't find a picture of my parents together but here is my new card!


Thanks again!

Amy Kyle-Percy

WHEW! I was starting to get faint from lack of new prompt! LOL This is going to be a challenging one for me for sure.

I am freaking out Em! I had no idea you were soo much younger than me! You are 5 years YOUNGER! I don't like finding this out! LOL

Oh, and before I forget (I am a TOTAL airhead), here is my card for last week...


I ACTUALLY LIKE IT! REALLY LIKE IT! No, I swear I'm not sick! LOL I hope you guys like it to. I LOVED this prompt Em!

I hope you & everyone here have a GREAT week.

Take Care, Happy Creating & GB Hugs,


Great card. Happy birthday Emily.
Greetings from Norway.


You didnt tell me it was your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I hope you get spoiled and have a good relax!~!!!

Erin Taylor

I loved this week's challenge! I had so much fun creating this card:


Thanks for the prompt!


So close to home Em, and yet still so far. Does that mean that your birthday will be in NZ? You'll have to celebrate it again when you get back on home turf. I've been to Raglan, cute town. LOVED the sea there. SO wild.
I'm still working up the courage to share my cards. I love doing them, but I'm not sure I love them when they are done...


Here is mine for this week. Enjoy your vacation...


Whew! Finally finished last week's and did this week's all in one sitting. So glad to be caught up. Here are mine:


TFL! Off to check out everyone's cards.


This one was so fun! Thanks, Em!



Here's mine for week 15. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and enjoy your trip :)



Sounds like you're having a great time!

Here is my card, loved the challenge this week!




Happy Almost Birthday! I love the photo you chose. It's so sweet. This challenge has really become such a happy spot in my life and brought a lot back to me that I had abandoned for a while (drawing and painting). Thanks Em! Just love you!
I am going to try scrapbooking this parent one for the first time instead of painting this week. Until then, I made an extra bird card from last week's theme that I just posted.
Have fun cute stuff! Here's my other bird card...

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