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April 28, 2007


Nicole Pomeroy

Hope your having a great time back *home*, enjoy your time. and have plenty of fun.


DebbieP -  NZ

So glad that you are having an awesome time.

Catherine Feegel-Erhardt  (Memory Maker Master  2007)

good for YOU!
have a wonk-a-delic time!

Chelsea Parsons

Im so happy you are there! Just you mentioning the indestructible plastic money, the cereals, the phones....makes me smile! Have fun!


welcome home em. i wish with all my heart i could have caught up with you.
enjoy everything australia - we love having you home...!!!



lucky ducky! Hope you are having the best time ever!


Kim Bolyard

Have great time and say hi to my friend Lee Woodside. We are blogging buddies...that is if you happen to meet her...tell her Kim in the US says hello...


Welcome home!! (albiet temporarily)


Yay!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying being home and are in the presence of such creative fun! Have a blast :)

kelly mccaleb

awwww! i'm so happy for you. soak it up!


just a quick stop to say I am STILL loving the little art cards... I look forward to it weekly!
also how cute are those yummy mummy tummy's??? Sooo miss being preggers but ya gotta shut it down after four right?:)

Rebecca Geach

So were we Ems... so happy you were here.
I *LOVED* ALL your classes.
You taught me much.
You rockin artist.


stoked your home for a little while ..do hope you get time with your family..you are such an inspiration chick...just love your work

lisa oxley


So great to hear you're having a fabulous time! Can't wait to hear more and see pix. :)

Tanya Ellis

Sounds like you are having a wonderful welcome home!! I know I'd feel the same when going back to England and seeing the local pub and and the post office box and the old double decker buses!!
Can't wait to see those pictures!!

Megan W

Hope your having fun at home and stocking up on all those important things like vegemite and minties etc, hope you have a relaxing stay with your family


I just wanted to say thanks! My friends told me about these card things that they were doing and i thought "What"??! Well they are now very much a part of my life, each week i get sooo much out of creating my little playing card. Thankyou for sharing :)


YAY!!! It is so wonderful to go back and rediscover all those things that are just part of life. I TOTALLY know that feeling. Have Fun Emily!!!

PROLIX from la Normandie


Amuses-toi bien
Have fun!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}


Emily, thanks so much for your amazing classes, l am sooooo inspired, and my scrappin mojo is definitely back!!! My Wall Art canvas has pride of place in my office, and l haven't stopped talking about how much fun l had at Kiwi :-)

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