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May 21, 2007



Hi Emily,
Your card looks great !!, love the colour and the letter stickers !!, i love the challenge too, funny because i have to work tonight after three weeks(got a new job since march) again so a big change for me again !! so as soon i come back tomorrow morning ( have to sleep there) i'll start with my card !!


It looks great! funny old stamp! How are you feeling? hmmm SD is choice but its not NZ LOL!!!!


Even if you dont like it, I think its quite pretty!! LOVE the colours and as long as it means something to you, then its great!!

Im not good with change, so this challenge should really give me a message to start embracing change!!

Will do it soon!! xx

PS I just made a tin to hold all my cards - theres no way they will fit in a felt pouch!! hehehe



I told you: This week I'd make my card as soon as Em posted the prompt! And - here it is:


Thanks, Em! And good luck with your changes :)



Hi Emily.
Your card looks great.
Love the color-combo. ;-)
I love your prompt for this week....I think I really have to work on this one...changes...yes they can be both good and hard and easy and so many different things....
I wish you all the best and good luck in your decissions and changes.


jennifer davis

Great prompt Em, hoping the best for you and the family...change is a good thing usually! :)

Hope to get started on my card today!


looks fabulous just the way it is :)

Judy in Carefree

San Diego, I'd live there if I didn't love living outside of Phoenix...pretty perfect weather! Love your card and the colors.

Helle Greer

Hi em,
Tell Mick to take the job in San Diego, so we can hang out, and my 16 year old as of yesterday is a great babysitter...
Call me next time you come down.


I really like the way your card came out Emily, but even more I like that you are honest about your feelings toward it and how you aren't going to do it over. That's great!

Here is a link to my card, thanks for taking a peek!




Love the card, Em!
I'm in San Diego- if you have any ?'s don't hesitate to send them my way! Me & DH & DD (5) have been here for 6 years.

Amy :)


Finished my card. http://elinapeters.blogspot.com/search/label/Art%20journal%202007


What a truly amazing prompt this week. Change is all around me right now & it is all brought about by me. My choices & decisions & I feel great!!!

Love your card as it speaks volumes to me. I'm afraid of change, but am giving it a go.


Perfectly timed prompt this week - I really enjoyed doing this one (I managed to do last week's too so I'm all caught up!). My cards are here:

Thanks for looking everyone!


Here is my change-card:


Now I/we have to wait sooo looong to the next promt without going crazy ;)
Will I manage??
I'm sooo addicted to this challenge!


Very cool challenge this week, Em! That label sticker is awesome! I love your card so much and I'm really happy with mine too!


jill s

i got caught up today!! :)

here are my cards!



p.s. are you getting SO excited for bec to be there!??:)

Heather Wilson

oh i think it is pretty! i wish i would have jumped on the card bandwagon!!! oh well, maybe you will do it again sometime??? or maybe I will start with this one....hmmmmmm do you have instructions somewhere? are you using playing cards?

Heather H.

Oh goodie! Change! My favorite! No, not really! Here's my card.


Finally caught up on ALL my cards and even finally decided on how to store them!



beth j

hope the changes that lie ahead for you and your family go smoothly! i just posted my "change" card. http://bethjohnson5.blogspot.com

Nicole Pomeroy

Loved this weeks challenge. I think your card is rockin Em

Mine is at http://nicoleschallengecreations.blogspot.com/

liz davidson

Great Card, thanks for this challenge, it has kept me focussed!!

I have posted mine on my blog!!



I like the stamp & the stickers. Great inspiration even if it isn't your favorite card. Thank you for another wonderful prompt. This has been a great exercise for me to focus on myself & not just capturing the family adventures. I love seeing the amazing creations from everyone!

Here is my surprise card:


Done for this week, I really liked this one very much Emily!!! You can find my card here!!
Gonna check the rest of the cards later today!

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