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May 03, 2007


Sara Berry

That last pic of Ivy is adorable. Don't you just love that look of pure joy? Glad you are enjoying your trip! :)


again i say it's great to have you back downunder gorgeous girl. how precious to be able to share your childhood haunts with miss ivy.
i hope you enjoy your time "back home" as much as we enjoy having you home


suzi finer

love the ponies...I can't imagine leaving such a lovely place, but look forward to your return to lalaland.


LOVE that photo of Ivy with her bubble-o-bill!!!
Xx Jess

Jenny Burns

The photos look great, Ivy looks so happy to be "home". Thank you for the class last night it was wonderful, I had soooo much fun.
Jenny xxx

Megan W

must feel awesome to be home enjoying the sunshine and clean air, i hope this trip home is really theraputic for you and your family

Kim Archer

Oh I am glad you are enjoying your home time:) Your photos are great:)


OMG I havent seen a bubble o bill for ages I used to love those!

You really should come do some classes in Brisbane before you go home :D


Too cute!!!
Man I miss you girls.

Jenny e

You all look so relaxed and Ivy looks so happy. By the way, I do like my canvas and my family thought it was very bright (for me)


Oh my goodness! Bubble-o-bills. They were the bestest ever! How good is to be "home among the gum trees".


Looks like you are having a great time back home!
Enjoy it! :)
Chelle Xx


Oh the memories indeed!! It's so great to go home and feel that energy. I'm so happy for you Emily.


don't know what's going on in those pictures but sure had fun! thanks!


How wonderful for you to be home all those memories. I am so so glad you are having such a wonderful time

Lusi Austin

oh so sweet memories - savour and then some! Bubble-o-bill rocks my world! Still love them :) how cute was ivy on the shetland pony!!!
love and hugs em,
lus x


hey emily! think i never really introduced myself. i'm sylvia and i'm from germany and i'm just loving your prompts. here is mine for this week: http://wolkenkoenigin.blogspot.com/2007/05/mail-art-swap-off-they-go.html

take care!


Glad to see how everthing is going :) Oh how terrific! It looks like everyone is having such fun! :) The ponies are adorable - I think Ivy's expression while looking at Golli is fantastic! She's having too much fun :)

Also, love the picture of Ivy with her bubble-o-bill. So precious! I think I'd be that happy if I had one right now ;)

Judy in Carefree

So glad you're enjoying every minute of "home" time and I'm sure your parent's are also!


i'm so jelious you two are hanging out! i know you are having a fab time-

and the photos of little ivey are so cute

Rebecca Geach

You and Viv and the girls look so happy.
A good day indeed...
*love* Ivy with the bubble o bill.
Cute as.

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

What lovely pictures!!!


I am so glad your trip has been so fabulous, I love looking at all you pictures. Tena

Kylie Tout

So glad you are having a ball back in your home town, aawwh Ivy and that Bubble O bill is so cute must say I love them myself :0)


There are a few things I would like to say:
1)Your entire family is photogenic *jealousy*
2)You probably say somewhere but, what kind of camera do you have?
and three:

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