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May 22, 2007



your portraits are beautifully taken.
love the happiness and sunshine.

kelly mccaleb

oh my heavens, every single one of them is model hot. do they make all you aussies good looking or are you guys rare? good crap.

Tamara Nelson

Very cute pics! Also, mmmhmm that middle guy is scrumptious :-)

Judy in Carefree

Wow, what a family! Your pics are great!


WOW!!! What a gorgeous family!!!
Xx Jess


Thanks so much for posting those pics - especially the 3 originals. I've not seen Phil or Jodie for about 12 years. Tis good to see everyone hasn't aged a bit and look so very happy. And yes, Phil looks just as good as I remember :)

jill s

what a good looking bunch! :)

Michelle Gauthier

What a beautiful family! Great photos and a fabulous story! How lovely that you're secret wish came true. :)

Kim B.

Is Phil single?

Lene S

Such a beautiful family!! U got a handsome man that´s for sure ;o)

I finally caught up on my deck of cards! I dedicated this morning to sit and enjoy, create and reflect. It is so good to have that kind of time for myself..just beeing creative...so relaxing :o)

U find the cards her if you want to take a look.

Have a great day! Hope you are doing fine, Em :o)


Tanya Ellis

That is quite a big family and they are all so beautiful!! My dad is 1 of 13. I am 1 of 5. Can you imagine 13 kids all arguing at the same time.. LOL. I've got 3 and I'm going nutso.. hee hee hee!!
I love your little story of how you had your huge crush on the M Falconbridge!! How wonderful your dreams came true!!
T xox


My grandmother had 7 sons and my father is the oldest. His youngest brother is only 6 years older than me, so I'm in the same boat as Ivy, only she has young aunts!

Great pictures of your husband's family. They all look so sweet and friendly, no wonder you like being around them!


wow, I can really see Jodie in Ivy.


What a beautiful story of how you two met!!
I imagine it is wonderful coming from a big family. There was only my sister & I, after mum died when I was 6, we were split up for years. I missed out on the whole family thing.

jennifer davis

Love those happy pic's Emily! What a great thing to be a part of that family! Love that you shared your diary story!!! :)


Great shot Em!!! And gorgeous family! Every one of them. Too bad we missed the 12 year old. :)

deb munn

What lovely family photos em... so nice.
Congrats on becoming a grandma to eesh's pups. They are so absolutely sweet! I love puppies. Actually, I love any baby animal. Well... almost any!
Be well!

Heather Wilson

what a beautiful family! You are blessed to have such sweet inlaws! I do as well. Have a fabulous afternoon! *Heather*


just wondering how it's possible to have 3.3 children---and if so, where's the .3 person? :0) great pics.


What an spectacular, genetically blessed family they have - all are absolutely gorgeous! I love a huge family - it makes things fun and keeps everyone around them young and on their toes :)

P.S. 15? Wow. I wish I could have been so sure at 15! Amazing :)

Anna Molina-Wilkinson

What a beautiful family!

tara pollard pakosta

how fun for him to have all those younger siblings! i too come from a family of 7, but i am the babY!


They are ALL hot! I'm one of 7 and it's fantastic. We are all really close, and our children, the cousins, all love each other dearly. I am so sad I just have the one :( Love the pics!!

Sally M

They sound like a pretty special family don't they? How lucky are you to count it as your own now!

And how GORGEOUS are they all? I want to see a pic of his parents so I can see where they got it from ;)

Sadie Olive

What beautiful freinds and family you have! I would have a crush on those boys too! Very cute! And those two girls are mini supermodels! Just gorgeous. :)

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