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May 13, 2007


Anna Molina-Wilkinson

Happy Mother's Day! I can't wait to see more pics from the trip!


Yay, I have been waiting to hear you are home safe! I hope you werent too uncomfortable! Kaya has been asking alot about you, Ivy and 'The Mick' today...not sure why you are on his mind?

catherine feegel-erhardt (MMM 2007)

welcome back mama!
LOVE the pic of your daughter w/ grandpa..tears in my eyes and down my cheeks as i miss my dad so much... (my daughters will never KNOW him)... soak it up!


welcome back! glad you got to spend some time with your family.


Certianly was a whirlwind trip. Don't know how you did it. Love your photos and your shared feelings. Hope you had a wonderful time with your family, back in your hometown. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.
Audrey (Perth WA)

Lusi Austin

*sniff* here just looking at the pics and knowing that exact same feeling.
i hear ya em ;)
glad you had safe travels though.
blessings and love,
Lus x

lisa mitchell

emily, that photo of your Dad kissing your daughter brought tears to my eyes, and again your comments, because we, like you, are a family distant from all my relatives (I'm Canadian, my husband Spanish, we live near Barcelona). We went for the first time when she was 5 months, and to say goodbye at the airport was so heartwrenching because I only then realised how it felt for my parents--having become "instant grand-parents" only 3 weeks earlier, and now they had to say goodbye to this baby, whom they would never again see "as a baby". Alas, it's not fair!! Why can't we all have Star-Trek "beam me abord" transporter!?!?
I like you, feel sad sometimes that we/they can't be a part of our day-to-dayness. That mileage is lost.
But it is what it is. And yet the upside is that there is so much love to go around, the distance means nothing. Love conquers all. :) Cheers and all the best to you and yours (and that little one about to arrive! ;)

lisa mitchell

It me again--I was just thinking--we're going home next month to Canada and have got about 18 hours on the plane with our 27 month old toddler. Being on the plane was so easy when she was 5 months!! Now I'm dreading the 3 flights. Any tips or advice on how not to go completely bezerk?!?!?

Tash Allen

oh Emily that pic of Ivy and her grandpa sent a shiver up my spine. what a special, special photo. gorgeous


Big fat tears here Emily. That Grandpa photo darn near broke my heart. Travel safe.

Rebecca Geach

Oiwwww... you brave brave womyn!!!
Just as I embark my super quick trip at only 22 weeks... I can only but imagine how you must have felt.

So happy for you to have landed safely home to your bed for some rest and sleep.

Beautiful pics Em... SO special the one of Ivy and Grandad. SO super special.

Gorgeous life and family honey.

jennifer davis

So sweet Emily! Glad that you had a wonderful time with family. Those pictures that you posted are just precious, and what you wrote about your belonging to these people...such a good thing to belong isn't it? Bless you and have a wonderful day! :)

Sherri P

Our kids have the same Grandpa! We moved to PA from Canada 10 years ago, and my Dad (and me) still get so tearful and emotional at every goodbye. And we get to see each other 2 or 3 times a year! It is so hard to be far away from family.
Glad you enjoyed yourself, and hope you get rested up and back to the LA time zone soon. I have family in AU, and have traveled there once, and we all agree there's almost no adjustment traveling there, but you're all messed up for awhile traveling to North America. So good luck with that!


hey girl!
looks like yoyu had a great time back home. I cant imagine how hard it must've been to leave again. Just make sure next time you come back for a visit you include the GC in your trip;)


how uberly precious is that picture of Ivy and grandpa? Brought tears to my eyes.
Micks sisters are all little beauts too. You really are blessed to belong to such a nest of lovely chickies like these xx


Wonderful, wonderful photos. The one of Ivy and Grandpa is so touching...what an amazing, sweet photo :)

Rachel Whetzel

So good to read that you are home and safe. Your pictures are beautiful. I love them. Hope that you are settling back into your home routines easily. That journal is TOO COOL. I love everything about it!


what you wrote is oh so sweet..


Oh my gosh, the good bye kiss just made me start to cry. What a special picture!!!

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