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May 15, 2007



welcome home my friend! I have loved reading about your travels. Tena


This is so cool, you got a very creative mind !! sweet greetings from Holland from Dani


LOVE this album of yours Emily!!
You are fantastic and amazing!
I think I have to make a summer-vacation-album like this, this summer. ;)
Love to see your happy photos and all the ephemera. ;)
Have a great day.


By the way: finally I have scanned all my cards for the "a deck of me"-journal for the last 4 weeks. They are all on my blog. ;)

liz davidson

This looks beautiful, I can't achieve this look no matter how hard i try, I always look as if I have 'over' embelished!!!I'll keep trying!

Michelle Gauthier

Love, love, love this! Fantastic idea! I have a set of those cards at home that I got from the office (they were going to be tossed!) and now you've given me a great idea!

Nicole Pomeroy

This looks fabo Em, now I'm just wishing I could go on a holiday just to be able to make a little journal.

Jo Andrew

Hey Emily,

I'm glad you had heaps of fun on you trip back to Australia. I love the travel Journal idea, especially because it's small. I would love to know where to get that black "observation" ribbon you have used????
Love the page with all the receipts and tags etc. My sister inlaw is a manager of Dotti here in Sydney and gets clothes at retail cost. Let me know if you want anything else and I'll send it over to you.

Jo Andrew, Sydney Australia.

P.S. Hows your baby going??? I would love to hear an update, you must be getting so close now. I'm 22 weeks now and it feels like it will be forever away until I meet my bubba.

kerry : k8tykat

love this emily.
such an amazing idea!!

jennifer davis

Just beautiful! :)

Ashley Schultz

What a cool travel album - so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this - I just LOVE it!


Great way to document your trip

Sarah Bowen


Amy Tangerine

welcome home honey! when you are all rested up, we should get together! this travel journal looks amazing- of course!


This looks great Em, love the idea of using the file cards, I have so many of them. I have a few different 'trip' albums to do, it always seems so daunting a task to start. Thanks for the link to 'today's mama', I was only just thinking about it the other day but had lost the link.


WOW!! I just love this!! What an awesome idea to capture your travel memories!!
Love it!
Xx Jess

Kat Browne

Hi Emily, just wanted to say I LOVE THIS!
You are so, so creative, love your style!


This IS fabulous! I LOVE it too, and might try it out! Thanks for sharing!


This TRAVEL ALBUM is so incredible. Really... SO wonderful!

Gypsy Purple-Chamara

Love this!!!

Kathy Hargreaves

Hi Emily:
Thank you for the adventure you took us on to Australia. Just going to the Cook Islands was a long fight, from Calgary and I wasn't pregnant. I'm glad you didn't unpack and decided to work on your travel journal. I LOVE IT, you smart little thing.
I love the altered look. I can't wait to read your article on, "Today's Mama." Your going to tell us about travel journals, I hope you let us know what were to take - that would be a tough one for me. What do I take!!!! My whole room? I'm doing that next time for sure, taking a little chipbd. album or love your index file album along with me and whatever ideas you give for take alongs - as that way each day it's done alittle bit and then easy to finish off when we get home.
Thank you again. I love visiting your site and the card adventure that my friend Lynn (memoriesbylynn)asked me to do with her. We love it.


What a fun idea - love how this looks. Thanks for sharing!

Heather H.

Emily your little album is so fabulous! I love all the pictures and ephemera. It's so eclectic. A memory passport!


stunning Em you never fail to inspire me thanks so much for leaving comments on my blog


Hey there Em,
Love your travel journal idea. Fabo.
looks like you did some serious shopping girly!
Im still working on getting my journal together from 2 years ago. LOL

I hate the unpacking too. Means you have to wash, and that sucks!

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