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June 09, 2007



ivy looks so cute and giggly!!
hope the move goes well!!


congrats, Krista!
and thanks for letting us play with you!
good luck moving and take care of you doing it!


Congrats, Krista! :)

Making your own burp cloths and blanketssound like fun! What a wonderful thing for the new little one!

P.S. Man, you guys move fast....literally! Congrats!!!!! I'm so happy you've found your new home :)


Congratulations Krista - you will definitely be funky now with your new camera strap !!! Em, love the pics of Ivy choosing the winner - she is having so much fun with that its gorgeous to see - thanks for sharing....xxxxxxxxxx


Hey Emily,
Just wanted to tell you I bought the new Autmn Leaves clear stamp book. The only problem was you were not published more in it! I must say you are my Favorite!!! I love your style! You rock!
I wish you luck in your move and take it easy!


congrats krista


Wow- that was a quick decision on the move!!! Have an unstressful one!!!!


I love your camera straps. I think I might have to try to add some ribbon to one of my camera straps. Only problem is I'm not much of a sewer-I can't even sew in a straight line!! Ugh! But I'll just have to try it out.


ohhhhhhhhhh i want to slurp that neck right up with kisses.


Seeya in San Diego in a couple weeks!!!Call me!!! I can't wait to be in your arms once again!

Heather Wilson

congrats krista!

E~ I think we have the same pillow shams =)

anna louise

loving the camera straps more and more,ahve my eye on the new candy hearts!
hope you and bump are well

Lisa Spiegel

I love the camera straps and was wondering if you might be able to work with Donna Downey to create a strap to match her bags? I have the paisley bag that Donna does and would LOVE a matching strap....good luck with the move and the new baby!


Congrats to Krista! Cute way to "draw" your winner. ;)


best wishes with your move!

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