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June 24, 2007



love that pic Tara. Good luck with the move Em and Family. Hugs.


Amy S Kyle-Percy

Thanks Tara. What a COOL challenge. I already know which photos I am going to use! WOOHOO! Can't wait to get started.

Here is the link to last week's card in the mean time.


Hope everyone has a great week.

Take Care & Happy Creating,

catherine feegel-erhardt (Memory Makers Master  2007)

thanks Tara. I instantly know what photo I want to use... (too sleepy to put it together but looks great in my head!)

When is baby CATHERINE due? So exciting!
Breathe, pee and push! (maybe not in that order...) (these were the only things my husband could say to me in the labor room...as he read his novel in the corner)
Here's to an EASY delivery and a HEALTHY baby! Will say a little prayer for you all as you change our world for the better.


Cant wait to do this one!! Better get my scrapping stuff out!! I want to do it tonight!!!
Xx Jess

Shayla Vokey

did we know they were bringing another girl into the world?
maybe i missed that post!
but that is great!!!!
loving the guest post.
loving the moving to a new house.
and loving the anticipation of a new baby!


Thanks Tara- what a wonderful idea! I really hope that the moving goes sound and safe for Em!


Thanks for the prompt! Be sure to get enough rest, Em! Here are my cards from the last weeks. Take care! Sylvia


great prompt. Hmmm now the only problem will be choosing 1 (as always LOL), prayers to Emily, Mick, Ivy and their new little miracle xxx Thanks Tara (love that photo BTW)

Rachel Whetzel

YEAH!!! I got this one AND my missing week 23 up tonight!


How fun...a surprise host(ess)! Cool challenge. Good luck with your move, Emily. Squeeze some rest in there when you can...



Great guest challenge by Tara! I'll be sending out a prayer that all goes well for you and you bring a new little one into the world. Here's my card for the week:


See you all next week!


Hey, that's nice, a guest challenge! Love this Tara!!! Emily, take good care of yourself, hope all goes well and you bring a healthy lovely baby into this world!

Here's my card;


I finished this week's theme and one for much earlier in the game. Good idea Tara and good luck with the move and baby, Emily.



Thank you Tara. I love your challenge for this week.
And to you Emily:
Thinking of you, and wishing you and your family all the best.

Love G

Charin Reed

Great challenge! :) And *best* of luck to Emily! :) Can't wait to see pictures of the new little sweetie :)


Love this challenge Tara!

Here is a link to my cards. I'm playing catch up from last week.




can't wait to see the new little girl!
Cool challenge Tata.


Here's mine for this week, great prompt Tara. Hope all goes well, Emily :)

Roni Hunt

Love the challenge, Tara! And thanks for backing up our girl! Much love to the Falconbridge clan!!

Rebecca Geach

Wowsers..... I had a strong feeling Em was in labour .. I hope all goes smoothly and that the labour is MUCH easier than with Ivy. I hope their little baby girl arrives well and healthy... and all is perfect for them all.

How exciting :-)

Much love

Rebecca Geach

Here is my card for this week:

Totally praying for Ems and baby girl, Mick and Ivy.. hope its all going great.

Go Ems!!!
(hugs) and love


What a great friend you are, Tara :) This is great - a fun challenge!

My thoughts, well-wishes, luck, huge and prayers to Emily and her family - on the move AND the baby!!! :) :) :)

jennifer davis

Well, I don't have this week's completed but I finished up last week's! =) Here it is: http://livelifecreateart.blogspot.com/2007/06/mini-art-journal-journey-week-twenty_25.html

And thanks for the prompt Tara!!!


Wishing Emily, Mick & Ivy the greatest joy as they prepare for this special event.xx

Fabulous prompt, thank you for doing this for us, Tara. I love that photo. You can sense the bonds so clearly.

Mine is over on my blog. TFL.x


Thanks for the prompt Tara best wishes Em hope the move went smoothly mine is on my blog


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