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June 04, 2007



i have my cards, my stash and my ideas ready to go em....just need the time...each week i print out your challenge and each week i promise that this will be the week i start *SIGH*
i love seeing what you come up with each week as well as seeing all the other cards that people create...
this will be so much fun when i find the time to get started....soon....very very soon

hope you are keeping well xxoo

CocoCupcake Designs

I've always loved the idea about this challenge I just never did it, but someday I will. I love it


Great card Emily, I am sorry but I have been radical this week and used a bit of poetic licence on the subject and turned it into 'something' I have always wanted to do!!! So go on beat me up, shun me and exclude me, if you are feeling compassionate have a look at my card, on my blog!!!


loved this weeks prompt mine is here, your card is so cool love the crochet and the courdroy


beth j

this week's prompt was fun b/c my "to learn" list is pretty long! here's mine. thanks for looking. http://bethjohnson5.blogspot.com


Finally i'm here, running behind so two in one this time, will post it right away and then i'm to take a look at all the other cards from everyone !! Have a good day :) greetings Dani

Here are mine : http://theweirdworldofdani.web-log.nl/mijn_weblog/


i had so much fun with this prompt , thank you Emily for this one


Love yours this week, Em! What a fun prompt...just finished mine :)



Here's mine for the week:


Would you join me for a ride? :)

Wish you all a fab' week!

Tash Allen

Love it Em. I've fallen a bit behind with these with life getting in the way but you've re-inpsired me to pick them up again. Thanks.

Rachel Whetzel

Week 22 here, http://minetothine.blogspot.com/2007/06/deck-of-me-week-22.html
and Week 21 here!
You have given me insight into myself I didn't even know I was missing. Thanks.


Ok - catching up - here is my #21 http://www.scrapbook-trends.com/?p=303

Can't wait to check out the others - I so love this- it became a weekly habit!


Bit later than normal but finally got my card done.


Love the fabric you used! Here's mine!

flapsi hapsi

Love this one - and I love to learn too... so many things it was hard to choose, so I went with a deep seated want to learn...

jill scripps

ok! i finally got mine posted!:)

you have to scroll down through a few pictures...but they're there! week 21 and 22!



p.s. hope you're feeling good in these last weeks of pregnancy! being a momma of two is SO fun!:)


yay!!! I've finally caught up on the last three cards!!

you can see them here:

im off to look at everyone elses!!!
Xx Jess


Okay, this is HUGE! This is my first post to your site for the challenges, Em! I've secretly been doing your Art Journal Challenge! ha ha It's been very fun. But only just now getting the nerve to post a card! :)




Here are mine for weeks 21 and 22:


I have to admit I'm pretty pleased with myself that I'm still doing these. Thanks for the weekly encouragement, Emily :)


I finally got the last 2 weeks done and then forgot to add my link here, found week 21 really hard!!
Absolutely loving this challenge, Thanks Emily xx


I'm a bit behind as well, but at least I have 2 new cards to share!


Oh boy...this week is flying by! Have to do my card for week 22! But am so busy with my decoration of my new living room!

Lee Korkman

Wow I just love all of the cards posted. I have just posted my latest. I still can't believe how this challenge is holding my interest. Usually i start things and fall away for lack of interest. Even my girlfriend want let me in her circle journal as she know's i wont keep up.


sooooo happy to be back :)
i missed making my little cards each week...i'm hoping to get back into the swing of things...& will have lots of fun catching up!

here is my weeks 20 & 22...


hope you are feeling well & taking it easy!!



Catching up on my cards.....


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