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June 02, 2007


Beth Toller

Hi Emily!
I just looked on your friends blog and saw a lo of you, without dreads!!!!
So weird to see you without them.
What made you get them and what made you keep them for so long? They are perfect on you and it was so strange to see you in that lo without them. So glad that you got to see your friend after so long.


everyone should be so lucky to have a good friend like you do...and even luckier to have them within striking distance!


How awesome!!! Wishing your friend luck and much fun on her journey and obviously, I'm so happy you'll be able to see a dear friend soon (not to mention you'll be able to talk to her whenever you want and not have to worry about anything but, perhaps an hour difference?).

That is very cool that someone who is so important to you will be closer to share your life with more often. It's so important! Will she be here in time for baby #2? I hope so! :)

P.S. You had me at cool pink studio *pitter patter* :)

Charin Reed

Don't you love having friends like that? :) It rocks. :)


lucky you - we farewelled Becky & family a few days ago - our loss is your gain...she is indeed "speshul" - watch out utah !!

christine devaney

emily, hope you can bring her to scrapbook weekend sometime. how are you doing chickie? we missed you at the last s/b weekend.


I love that you wrote 'spesh' in the title, takes me back.......

jill scripps

i'm SO SO excited that she's moving to the US!! now i'll actually have a chance to meet the darling online friend i have!


Nicole Pomeroy

You sound so happy, now don't get too excited and have your baby early. BTW your looking fabo. Gorgeous belly.

Heather Wilson

I just checked out your etsy shop and I'm so happy for you that you have sold so many camera straps!!! I ADORE mine! =)

if you ever get the chance (i know you are a busy momma!) feel free to check out my etsy shop...


Rebecca Shelor

yipee! another Becky in the U.S. and a rebel at that!

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