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June 28, 2007



Exciting time !! wish them the best from me, and having no internet....pfff, if you finally have it it's hard to let it go....i get always very annoyed if their is something from with the internet...thanks for the update ;) Tara , greetings Dani who finally is going to get started with the card :)


Thanks for the updates Tara, just really want to know when Em has the baby and all is well. Give them hugs and kisses. xoxo


Thank you Tara! Hope all's well over at the Falconbridge's :)


Oh boy how did you guess, wishing the Falconbridges all the best for their impending arrival.

Being stuck without t' interweb! Can't think of anything more torturous for me. Though I am sure it will help with unpacking and maybe even a bit of creating while bub is still baking.


thanks for the update tara and for the card challenge for this week too (what a challenge too...what scrapper has just ONE fav pic...???)
please pass my best on to em and wish her and mick and ivy many blessings for the impending big event.
my baby making days are over now (sob sob) so i quell my biological clock ticking vicariously through all my lovely friends who are still becoming mummies


Rachel Whetzel

How did you KNOW I was checking here all the time!? lol Thanks for the update! I can't wait to hear that the baby is HERE!


oh em you poor thing. the end of a pregnancy sucks but it brings such a precious beginning that it will soon be all worth it. hang in there girly.


Ha!!! :) It's okay...we stalk the blog because we care! :) Hope they're enduring the move well and that we get some happy baby news shortly! Thanks, Tara! :)


Thanks for the update, Tara.
I am working with a girl who isn't due for 10 more weeks but the baby has dropped low & she thinks the dates are wrong!!

Cathy J

Oh what an exciting time, please pass on my best wishes and hope all goes well! Can't hardly wait for the arrival just like all the other blog readers out there(especially usover here in Perth) and the little falconbridge family I suppose. anyway thank you for keeping us posted we are all just bursting for news.....


Thanks for your update Tara.
My best wishes goes to Emily and her family and the new baby. :-)

deb munn

oh tara... you know us so well!!!
thank you for the update :)
please give em my very best wishes.


thinking about you Em :)

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