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June 15, 2007


sarah the kiwigirl

Love your fd album! You do some great projects and thanks for sharing all the instructions!


what a lovely album, i'm sure he'll love it!

Amy S Kyle-Percy

Em that book you made your Dad is SOO COOL! I just LOVE IT! GREAT JOB! He is SOO GOING TO LOVE IT! Again...GREAT JOB!

Take Care,

flapsi hapsi

Love the father's day minibook - great, thanks for posting instructions. Looks like a great school your wee one goes to -hope you all enjoy the holidays!


Is'nt it wonderful news about Rett? a well deserved honour.
Love your FD gift card, great idea.
Ivy's school looks so great, what a gorgeous little play area that is.
I finally got my last 3 cards done..here they are..http://batteryhill.blogspot.com/

PROLIX from la Normandie


yes, life is going soooooooooo fast!
love the 3 mommas pics, so adorable & funny!

hope you're well!!!


your frenchie audrey!


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
artsy english-fran├žais blog

Tracy Rizzo

Two Peas in My Pocket is sooo much cuter!

Does she go to a Montessori School? I homeschool and I just got a book On Montessori to incorporate it more into our curriculum. Letting children develop naturally is much better I wish all schools did this.


that is the coolest looking school-perfect for pretend play with friends.
Love the FD gift.


Aww, your Album is soo nice.

The Pics of Ivys school look really nice, its a Waldorfschool ore?
I workes for a Waldorfkindergarten and Waldorfschool in germany..and loved to work there..so great spirit!


I had only posted about your Father's Day tag book on my blog yesterday. Totally love it.


Two Peas in my Pocket? How totally adorable!!! Tell her that's ok...my husband calls it Two Peas in a Pod ;)

Ashley Schultz

I just love what you made for your dad. LOVE.

Gypsy Purple--Chamara

This is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!


Great book, fathersday today here in Holland, maybe i can fix something together don't know if i have things for it, the idea is super !!!


I just love the minibook you made for your Dad - simply stunning!!!!!!


The album is wonderful! Have a nice holiday ivy!!!!

Kathy Hargreaves

Hi Emily:
Absolutely loved your Father's Day album. I truly love the altered look. It's like your travel journal with the index cards, really loved that also. Am waiting for your write up about, "Today's Mama," scrapbooking on the road. I know that you are unbelievablely busy this last while, WOW, and very low on energy and still your the energizer bunny.
Congradulations to both you and Mick and his new job and the move. By now you should be moved in and waiting. How exciting that will be for the three of you - a new little gift for your family. When you get energy back and have a routine again, you'll have to let us all know about your new home. Was looking back on your site and saw your 1995 Cool Pink Studio. If you have one in your new home would love to see it. I'm truly computer illiterate but am going to have a friend help me one day to send you pics. of mine. All three of my children are getting married this year - WHOA - talk about fun and excitement. One is a destination and am going to do a index album of everyday there and will have my girlfriend help me send pics. of that to you also. You don't have to respond back Emily as I know your life is crazy also right now. Just wanted to let you know how much I love your FD album and to wish you all the best. Your site is in my favorites and check it everyday. My girlfriend Lynn is the one who told me about your site and the 52 card challenge which were doing. You'd love her and her site, so if you have a moment (I don't know when) you should visit her. www.memoriesbylynn.com - I think you'll love her site.
Take care Emily.
Kathy from Calgary, Alberta


emily - that album is FANTASTIC! so many gorgeous details - i just love it!


Oh, the playing-corner in Ivys school looks so beautyful. Strange, it allmost looks the same as in Sol and Eiruns (my two daughters) school (we call it kindergarden).
The beauty of a Steinerschool must be universal... I think everybody has to fall in love with colors and materials like this. :-)

Your fathers-day album is so lovely. I really LOVE the free and funky way you make your minialbums.

Loads of love to you.



Gonna copy that idea some day ;-)

KRAM (hug in swedish) JENN

Donna Hooper

love the book you made for you dad. I love how full and over-flowing it looks...may just have to do one for my dahda this year!

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