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September 24, 2007


Anne Thompson

That's a good thing to wonder! Just last week my two girlies started preschool and as I was walking home (alone!?) it felt so weird and as though I wasn't 'whole'. i guess we will have to find ourselves all over again! Love all your cards btw, they are always awesome and inspiring. :)


beautiful and honest. i love it.


What a beautiful and graceful card. Love it!
Allso love the promt, as allways.

Tristan Chabot

Phew! I am all caught up now! I have been so busy with people in town visiting me, me being out of town! Just a crazy last few week! Anyhoo...here are my weeks 7,8,9 & 10


Tristan Chabot

Btw...Love this card Em! I really like the softness of the colors!


This prompt is so great! Love your card Em!The paper is so b'ful!!!!


her they are both my cards for week 37 & 38!
If you like to have a challange! Look at my site! there's a challange with a RAK!!!!


So, so true...So True.

Motherhood is the best thing that has happened to me but it is bittersweet.


another goodie ... motherhood is hard work, keep your chin up dear!
have a good week! :-)

mine is here


Wow, another great challenge!! Love your card Em!
Mine is here: http://jeanettiemessen.blogspot.com


Great one.... love your card Emily, perfect colors!!
Here's mine

Roni Hunt

Well, if I only had 1/2 as much creativity as your blah card I'd be doing the happy dance! This card is beautiful and so are you. Give the girls a hug and kiss from the girls here in Florida!! The Ruban Rouge chickies! luv ya!


What a beautiful card Emily. As mothers we get so wrapped up in our child's lives that we sometimes lose ourselves. The way you are feeling is totally normal and you are not alone. :)

Here are my cards for this week and lasts. Thank for taking a peek!




Gorgeous card. I love the soft colours of the background.
Mine is done, I have had to post it along with two other challenges but this is a direct link!!


What will happen? You will find a new you. A person that you didn't even know was inside of you. A new chapter. A renewed you. A joy of life that you thought couldn't exist without your children at home. You'll wait with joyful anticipation for the gifts that will come from this change. You'll fall in love again with the sweet partner that started it all.


Loving your cards and this is a cool prompt! Great to see Jimmy's work too :) I'm still catching up: http://deckofme.blogspot.com/


I wonder the same thing when my kids are grown up! Wonderful prompt!


I've got a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old and most days I haven't got me. I'm working my way back and it's always good to see that we all have 'those' days and that we 'moms' are not alone.

Ellen Porter

Hey, I just wanted to let you know about me. I am looking at your 38th Prompt so I can do your 38th card, and I think I might have 12 of them posted on Two Peas. But I haven't really posted them for the challenge, here, or anywhere else. I suppose I could post the rest here or perhaps on the blog I have but rarely use at myspace.com. I am just not much of a tecnhnophile and a little on the side of old-school, so figuring all this out is hard for me.


Wow! I love your card -- it really is creative and not even close to blah. The sentiment is beautiful too. Mine is done (along the same theme) as well as card #1:
Have a great week and thanks for the awesome prompts, Em!

Rachel Whetzel

I love your card, Emily! You have no idea how wonderful your prompts are! This was a really hard one for me emotionally, but I'm very happy with my results.


My dear friend Mari passed on the link to your blog, and what a great way to start the day! I remember wondering the same when my little ones were small. I could basically quote Paula's comment here though. The next phase can be very satisfying too. My youngest 'baby' is 11 now, and my kids need me in different ways, but I love that I am discovering that I am 'worthwhile' not only as a mother.

I'll take the cahallenge - but will have to wait til I get home from work...


Yours has a lovely, vintagy french feel to it this week Em.
Here's mine

Elle Pollard

Love the colours - I think all mums have those moments lol
you always make me think about life - thats my fave thing about the challenge.
I've even started my own blog (only yesterday ROFL), will put my cards on as soon as I figure out how LOL

Thank for another lovely card Emily !

Nadja Pollard

fogot - here is a link to my brand new shiny blog - please visit and say Hi !

Elle x

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